Bavarian PERI prints the first house in USA in Tempe, Arizona

PERI and the Habitat for Humanity are jointly realising a fully approved 3D-printed jpise om the USA – the needed timeframe is scarce two weeks true printing time for a familyhouse with 160 qm living space.

PERI is printing the first living house in  the USA in Tempe (Arizona), this after completing the first two homes om Germany that were realised at the end of 2020. This means another important path for the development of this new technology for the Bavaria family enterprise. It is also one of the first proujects in 3 D printing in the USA and fully authorised.

The printed home in Tempe has one floor only with around 160 qm living space. The total printing time will absorb two weeks, according to plan house will be rady to move in August/September.

The printed house in Tempe, Arizona (USA)

The builder and partner of PERI for this project is the regional organisation of “Habitat for Humanity” in Arizona. Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide operating non-profit organisation and is financed by charity, sponsors and volonteers.,It is organised by regionally acting state organisations in more than 60 countires of the world and by creatomg living space for needy people.

With this printing project in the USA PERI establishes the next step of the market development of the 3 D printing technology, states Thomas Imbacher, Board member amnd responsible for Innovation and Marketing at the PERI Group.

As a door opener of the new method to erect buildings, PERI printed the first homes in Germany. We are deligthed to realise the first project in one of the largest housing markets of the world with a partner like Habitat for Humanity.

The implementation of the 3D printing technology is an enormoues Chance for Habitat for Humanity, saod Jason Barlow, Presiden and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. The actual  housing problems show the need of feasible need of affordable home ownership. We need new ideas and methods to build appropriate and energy efficient houses at low costs, within a short time and with less material use. The project in Tempe is for us a forward looking step.

As with the successful print projects in Beckum (North Rhine Westfalia) and Wallenhausen (Bavaria) PERI makes use the Portal Printer COBOD BOD2 for the printing of the living house in Tempe. This printing technology origins from the Danish manufacturer COBOD, and where PERI has a shareholding since 2018.

The technology moves the printing head over three axles on a solidly installed metal frame. The advantage: The printer can move in the construction and at each position and has to be calibrated only once. This saves time and costs.

During the printing process the printer considers already the the lines to be laid later as well as the connections for water, electricity, etc. The BOD2 is certified in a manner that during the printing process also work can be done in the printing room. Manual work such as the laying of empty conduits and connections can easily be integrated in the printing process. The printer is operated by two persons. The printing head and the printing results are surveyed by a camera. With a speed of one metre per second BOD2 actually is the world’s fastest concrete printer on the market. For 1 m2 double wall the printer needs only around five minutes.

PERI’s turnover amounted in 2020 to EUR 1503 million. The company became internationally one of the largest producer and provider of frameworks and scaffholding systems.