ZhejiangTex 2021 grandly opened on June 8, 2021 Trans-boundary Innovation, Intelligent Textiles & Healthy Future

The 21st ZheJiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry (ZhejiangTex 2021) grandly opens today at Yiwu International Expo Centre. The exhibition period is from 8 to 10 June. This is the first time that the tradeshow joins hands with CKIW YIWU. Under the same roof, the two exhibitions showcase the entire industry chain of knitting industry, ranging from research & development to design, equipment to technology, raw materials to knitting products & accessories, building a more competitive platform for the development of knitting industry, bringing new industry pattern featuring industry connection and synergy. The 3-day show is expected to attract more than 20000 professional visitors.

ZhejiangTex 2021 is held under the theme of “Trans-boundary innovation, intelligent textiles & healthy future”.  “The National Health Textile Pioneer Science and Technology Innovation Forum in 2021” is also held concurrently to help enterprises grasping the latest industry dynamics, the innovation and development of the textile industry.

4 Theme Zones Gather 300+ Exhibitors, Fully Covering the Textile Industry Chain

 In order to meet the growing demand of industrial upgrade, ZhejiangTex 2021 sets up 4 theme zones, Knitting Industry, Sewing Automation, Digital & Printing Application, Knitting Products & Accessories. More than 300 exhibitors demonstrate series of automated machinery, helping enterprises to achieve automation and explore new business opportunities.

Partial List of Exhibitors (in no particular order):

  • Exhibitors of Knitting Machinery and Related Accessories:Santoni, Lonati, Chemtax, Yingyun, Dahaomingde, Yexiao, Weihuan, Aurora, Yipeng, Kaiqiang, Jiazhili, Shigan, Hengrun, Kegun, Ours Top, Ruifang, Yalida, Jinghong, Hemei, Dubang, etc.
  • Exhibitors of Knitting Finishing and Air Compressor:Chuyun, Kemei, Rongyifu, Simphoenix, etc.
  • Exhibitors of Sewing and Digital Printing Machinery:Shing Ray, Brother, Taoling, Dasen, Ocean, Bopai, Qianpai, Daireng, Yifeng, Ningmeng, Jinrui, Xushi, Xinyinxiang, Jiacheng, etc.
  • Exhibitors of New Functional Materials: Hesu, Guoliang, SGS, Shikangneng, Xiangshui, Liumian, Baicao, Biaodian Keji, Kangkang Textile Technology, Rongchuang, Kangjiesi, Tianjin Yikang, Qiaolisi, Anhui Zhenghe Yaju, etc.

A Number of Enterprises and Associations gather in ZhejiangTex 2021

 Many enterprises in different sectors join ZhejiangTex 2021 as delegation groups, including knitting, textile, hosiery, sporting goods, underwear, luggage and shoes. Some of the visitors are as follows:

Association Groups in ZhejiangTex 2021:

 Zhejiang Seamless Industry Association, Yiwu Hosiery Association, Pujiang County Knitting Industry Association, Pujiang County Garment Industry Association, Li’an Knitting Industry Association, Economic Development Office of Fotang Town, Yiwu City, Economic Development Office of Dachen Town, Yiwu City , Economic Development Office of Niansanli Town, Yiwu City, Economic Development Office of Suxi Town, Yiwu City

Enterprise Groups in ZhejiangTex 2021

 Jinhua Ruoyun Knitting, Yiwu Huading Nylon Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jianlimei Clothing, Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Bonas Brand Management Co., Ltd., Yiwu Yayi Clothing Co., Ltd., Xintai Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangyu Group, Wanyuan Knitting, Zhejiang Rouhui Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xuanfu Clothing Co., Ltd., Yiwu Puhui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., SUMEC Group, Ouxiu Clothing Co., Ltd., Yiwu Jinjun Garment Factory, Fenli Socks , Zhejiang Yiwu Runfei Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shamei Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yingen Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Saidie Knitting Co., Ltd., Manzi Socks, Zhejiang Wanyu Knitting Co., Ltd., Zhejiang  Avontin Underwear Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shaoxing Shanhai Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Niannianwang Knitting, Langsha Holding Group Co., Ltd., Dongyang Jinmengdie Underwear Industrial Co., Ltd., Taige Clothing Co., Ltd., Yiwu Lijing Garment Co., Ltd., Yiwu Rongli Clothing Co., Ltd., Yiwu Lanzhu Socks Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Aimeisi Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Bailong Knitting Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Fanchen Knitting Textile Co., Ltd., Yiwu Hexue Knitting Co., Ltd./Zhejiang Baixiang Technology, Zhejiang Guotian Clothing Co., Ltd. , Dezhou Huayuan Ecology, Zhejiang Aimeilai Slimming Clothing Co., Ltd., Jinhua Kuheng Knitting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Saibinsi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.