Walmart aims to empower workers with own devices, new app

By Anne d’Innocenzio from AP

Catpion courtesy by AP

Walmart is coming out with a new app for its store workers’ phones that allows them to do a variety of tasks from digitally clocking into work to helping locate merchandise and answering customers’ questions.

It also has a push-to-talk feature to let them communicate directly with colleagues.

As part of the launch, the nation’s largest private employer and largest retailer says it plans to offer more than 740000 store workers a new Samsung smartphone for free by year-end. That’s nearly half of its total U.S. workforce, according to Drew Holler, senior vice president of people operations.

The moves, announced Thursday, come as Walmart and other rivals aim to free up store workers from menial tasks to better serve customers. The new features go beyond the Walmart’s previous suite of apps that allowed workers to check inventory and prices, scan products and review sales data.

In the next few months, the new app will allow workers to help speed up the time it takes its stockers to get items from the backroom to the sales floor. Using an augmented reality feature, workers will be able to highlight the boxes as they’re ready to go, instead of scanning each box individually.