The McKinsey week in Charts

Ditching the digital cart for the checkout line

Shoppers overwhelmingly took to digital channels with the onset of the pandemic. Now, as the number of COVID-19 cases is declining and lockdowns are lifting in some countries, consumers may be eager to step away from the screen and experience shopping in person again.

To read the article, see “What’s next for digital consumers,” May 23, 2021.

Equity trading’s race to zero fees

Retail investing in 2020 was a story of “Reddit bros” pushing up meme stocks on new zero-cost trading platforms. But beyond the headlines, advisor-based retail investing also jumped, up 19 percent. However, those zero-commission platforms are making their presence felt; advisors now charge less than half of their list price.

To read the article, see “The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic,” May 25, 2021.

Panic, neglect, panic, neglect: How to break the cycle

COVID-19 exposed some gaps in the world’s pandemic preparations. To close those will require substantial investment in the next couple of years, and then a smaller steady-state investment in following years. In our estimate, investment on this scale could substantially reduce the likelihood of future pandemics.

To read the article, see “Not the last pandemic: Investing now to reimagine public-health systems,” May 21, 2021.

Hopes and fears for the hybrid future

Across the board, employees are eager for more flexibility, competitive compensation, and well-being once the pandemic is over—and conversely, they’re concerned that future work, regardless of whether it is on-site or remote, will fail to meet these needs.

To read the article, see “What employees are saying about the future of remote work,” April 1, 2021.