Updated interactive publication on EU energy

Where does our energy come from? How dependent are we on energy imports? Which kind of energy do we consume in the EU and how much does it cost? Are we efficient in the consumption of energy? How much greenhouse gas do we emit in the EU?

Answers to these questions and to many more can be found in the updated 2021 edition of Eurostat’s interactive publication Shedding light on energy in the EU – A guided tour of energy statistics.

This interactive publication presents information about the energy sector in a user-friendly way and features short texts, dynamic infographics, animations, graphs and photos.

More experienced users can use the Sankey diagrams or the visualisation tools displaying an energy dashboard, data on energy prices or data on energy trade for additional information.

This edition only shows yearly figures up until 2019 and thus does not reflect the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. For information on seasonal trends including COVID-19 related implications, please see the interactive tool on monthly energy statistics.

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