McKinsey’s Week in Charts

Survivor 2020: Corporate edition

In the depths of the pandemic, boards’ interest in corporate resilience surged. Every other topic fell down the agenda.

To read the article, see “How boards have risen to the COVID-19 challenge, and what’s next,“ April 29, 2021.

White employees: there’s both trust and respect in our workplace. Black employees: not really

Black employees also don’t feel that they can be their full selves at work, and that the system for evaluation and promotion is fair. These findings from our 2021 Race in the Workplace Survey point to a substantial trust deficit between companies and their Black employees.

To read the article, see “The Black experience at work in charts,” April 15, 2021.

Don’t stick together

In before times, Spain was a mecca for world travelers. When they return, it’s more likely that they’ll come in ones and twos, rather than large groups.

To read the article, see “Spain’s travel sector can’t afford to wait to recover. What can stakeholders do?”, April 23, 2021.

Looking to create more value from sustainability? Do these three things

The numbers are impressive. For 57 % of value creators, the sustainability agenda is a part of their corporate culture. These companies are also more likely to train employees and are rewarded with higher workforce engagement through a better understanding of how sustainability efforts align with their company’s strategy.

To read the survey, see “How companies capture the value of sustainability: Survey findings,” April 28, 2021.

First things first

Vaccine manufacturing in Africa is still nascent, especially in the upstream segments of the value chain, such as antigen production and other drug-substance manufacturing processes.

To read the article, see “Africa needs vaccines. What would it take to make them here?,” April 14, 2021.

It was fun in the sun

The Costa del Sol and other Spanish beaches are world-renowned and the most valuable segment of the national tourism industry. But serving beachgoers is no longer a simple matter of putting up umbrellas.

To read the article, see “Spain’s travel sector can’t afford to wait to recover. What can stakeholders do?,” April 23, 2021.