Xeikon Café TV presents a dedicated series of 5 broadcasts to Australia and New Zealand

Making a move into digital label production? The guru, that is Xeikon, can help your business excel!

As part of its new concept for 2021, Xeikon Café TV (www.xeikoncafe.com ) will host a creatively crafted series of 5 TV sessions, dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Printers, converters and brand owners in the region working in the labels and packaging sectors will have the opportunity to find out all there is to know about how to start up with digital label production or how to optimize your setup. Xeikon Café TV Broadcast sessions are live, interactive and accessible on any device.  

Xeikon’s 5 sessions follow a chronological process to move into digital label production in 5 steps:

1.           Choosing the right printing technology – inkjet

2.           Choosing the right printing technology – dry toner

3.           Choosing the right finishing technology

4.           Matching colours with other technologies

5.           Integrating the digital set-up into your workflow

Trevor Crowley General Manager Sales  ANZ states, “Not every digital printing technology is a ‘fit’ for every label printing application – different applications require different digital technologies. Xeikon has over 30 years’ experience and with our technology agnostic approach, we can advise and guide on the best way to transform a label printing business into a digital label manufacturing business. During the Xeikon Café TV sessions on May 11th, we will provide our Australian and New Zealand audience with interactive opportunities as well as practical information and demonstrations to help them decide which technology will fit best with their business and importantly where they can find growth looking at end use applications and current trends. Not forgetting, our comprehensive advisory service with our hotline for advice and guidance on ‘digital transformation’.”  

During the first of the live TV broadcasts, Xeikon will discuss the recent launch of the Xeikon PX30000 7 colour, UV inkjet digital press, developed for a diversity of end use applications in the high-end, creative label markets. Also the Xeikon CX500 dry toner digital press, based on Cheetah 2.0 technology for guaranteed sustainable food safe label production. The Xeikon Café series is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise. The programme is designed to offer challenging insights and food for thought, all designed to help inspire and educate all those who attend. Printers can choose from a range of content including demos, workshops and round table discussions – both offline and online. They also have the facility to interact and share information. The focus is on transferring knowledge, exchanging experiences and networking.

The Xeikon Café concept for 2021 is a series of unique industry events designed to help printing professionals understand, evaluate and experience digitalizing print manufacturing, which can then help them make conscious business decisions to add value and enable growth. Through demonstrations, presentations, workshops and discussions, visitors receive first-hand actionable information and advice on industry innovations and trends, and how these can help improve their bottom line.

Crowley concludes, “We know that printers and converters worldwide are facing a diversity of challenges from their customers’ ever growing needs and expectations for creative and unique labels. Also online ordering has increased the need for automation, higher quality colour controls and faster production speeds. Xeikon is delighted to host this series of 5 sessions dedicated to Australia and New Zealand. We know that many printers in these regions have an opportunistic mind-set and want to define themselves from the competition. They are looking for new digital solutions, new and innovative technologies and new pathways forward to drive business growth. With Xeikon as their partner they will have everything they need to achieve their goals.

Xeikon respects the need for social distancing during the current Covid-19 pandemic – so instead of the printers coming to us we are bringing our renowned Xeikon Café TV series to the printers – virtually. 2021 is set to be a pivotal year and our commitment to our customers remains at the heart of our business. These Xeikon Café TV virtual events are designed to enable printers, converters and brand owners explore the business benefits of digital label print manufacturing.” 

To register for the first Xeikon Café TV Broadcast in the series for Australian and New Zealand –  May 11, 2021 – go to Xeikon Café | Upcoming – Xeikon Café TV – Labels & Packaging – ANZ Region

( www.xeikoncafe.com )