The branding ingredient that makes the difference: METALBOTTONI’s new goals for 2018

The ongoing year registers a substantial increase in performances on foreign market, rewarding the role of the company as branding ingredient, able to offer quality, experience, advice and cutting–edge green innovation.

METALBOTTONI has drawn up its new strategy for the year 2018, based on a targeted trade fair schedule and on many product innovations. These innovations are part of a marketing approach which is more and more branding ingredient-oriented, in order  to highlight the added value of the accessory as a component characterising and enhancing product recognition, as well as strengthening its consulting activities for customers, thus offering true excellence in service.

Gravita Duo

There are three main elements pointing to a positive moment for METALBOTTONI: its recent outstanding performance in double-digit on foreign markets (most notably in the northern European region), the consolidation of consulting and support services aimed at redesigning the perspective on the world of accessories, and its product range extension. The fourth pillar, actually a fixture at METALBOTTONI, is sustainable innovation with the protocol called NO IMPACT which has made a huge step forward thanks to new technologies which halved water consumption compared to previous performances of the system, obtaining also better results in a shorter processing time, saving electricity as well.

Gravita Duo

An ongoing pathway

There are many novelties to be displayed by METALBOTTONI at three of the most important events in the industry early in this year. The company from Bergamo will be present at Munich Fabric Start (30 January – 1 February), then at Milano Unica (6-8 February), and finally in Paris for the new edition of Première Vision Accessories (13-15 February).

It is style research, combined with constant product innovation outlining the new perspective on accessories which METALBOTTONI keeps pursuing in a consistent manner, accompanied by a large expansion of its offer over the past twelve months. As a matter of fact, during 2017, two novel collections dedicated to new reference sectors have been presented: GRAVITA, the first line entirely developed around the pressure button for sportswear (launched at Kingpins Amsterdam), and MÀRYA, the first collection designed by the company exclusively for beachwear, displayed at the Mare di Moda exhibition in which the company has taken part for the first time in November last year. It is a line where our group brings to full fruition its unique experience in the production of fashion accessories, to relaunch its strategic approach, providing increasing depth to its product range, transferring its most significant experience to the beachwear sector.

Innovating, always

As regards the SS 2019 season, METALBOTTONI has decided to implement new sustainable processes as part of the company protocol NO IMPACT, adopted as far back as 2011. This production process has been implemented allowing to obtain better results on products halvening water consumption, reducing also processing time and energy consumption.

Moreover, thanks to the new higher-performing machinery and to research conducted in the area of sustainability for its new product ranges, METALBOTTONI has been able to introduce novel finishing with a polished and valuable look, perfect for the world of ready-to-wear. This is an important innovation, considering that the NO IMPACT protocol previously allowed for excellent vintage and used effects, but was unable to complete the shift towards more valuable and luxury processing.

Our Style Office daily activity”explains Maria Teresa Ricciardo, Creative DirectoratMETALBOTTONI, “is more and more oriented towards and approach that includes dedicated support to customers through all our technical and stylistic competences, in order to achieve a steadily improving level of personalization in our products”.


Among the novelties which will be presented during the three exhibitions, it is worth mentioning two real points of pride for METALBOTTONI:


MONSTER SS 2019: the line dedicated to the most authentic denim is enriched by this new collection, restyled according to the most recent green technologies and the philosophy of sustainable denim, without neglecting intense and vibrant style touches. The line is increasingly enhanced by elements which address sportswear with strength, assertiveness and personality.    In this new collection, classic shapes are restyled in terms of proportions, from mini to oversize, deformed and renewed thanks to the choice of special paints combined with novel processing and finishing. The collection for the new season ranges from jeans buttons and rivets to chinos buttons, buckles and loops, rings, hooks and spring clips.

LABORA SS 2019: a range which includes buttons, buckles, plates and clips dedicated to pure fashion, for men and women: new proposal which remind us of earth, air and water elements with items in natural and earthy colours. Materials such as bronze and aged brass are matched with transparent and coloured polyester accessories, with pearly, polished and valuable finishing. For this season the collection shows a remarkable sportswear influence, with a range that goes beyond buttons, with hooks, spring clips, rings, loops and pulleys with bright and shiny colours, enhanced by the 3D-effect processing.

“Boosting research, innovation and offer in order to highlight our added value”says Gregorio Valli, CEO and President of METALBOTTONI S.P.A “along a path that leads us to be more and more of a branding ingredient for customers, who today see Metalbottoni not just as an outstanding manufacturer, but also as a consultant and strategic support partner”.