McKinsey’s week in Charts

Think Black CEOs are scarce? It’s worse than you think

Black employees aren’t being promoted to leadership positions at the same rate as others. Combined with higher attrition rates among Black employees, that means that companies often lack Black leaders and miss out on diversity’s known benefits.

To read the article, see “The Black experience at work in charts,” April 15, 2021.

It was fun in the sun

The Costa del Sol and other Spanish beaches are world-renowned and the most valuable segment of the national tourism industry. But serving beachgoers is no longer a simple matter of putting up umbrellas.

To read the article, see “Spain’s travel sector can’t afford to wait to recover. What can stakeholders do?,” April 23, 2021.

An economic boom is coming. But what could go wrong?

The number-one candidate to short-circuit growth is COVID-19, and it’s not particularly close, according to the latest McKinsey Global Survey. Even in Latin America and India, where domestic conflicts and unemployment are the biggest worries, the global pandemic is a close second.

To read the survey, see “The coronavirus effect on global economic sentiment,” March 30, 2021.

Open for business? Developed economies are more likely to say ‘yes.’

Less than half of businesses are fully operational, according to our latest McKinsey Global Survey. Developed economies are out in front, perhaps because of their greater access to COVID-19 vaccines.

To read the survey, see “Economic conditions outlook, March 2021,” March 30, 2021.

Talk to me

When it comes to the future of remote work, communication goes hand in hand with productivity. Employees who felt included in detailed communications about what’s decided and what’s still uncertain were nearly five times more likely to report increased productivity.

To read the article, see “What employees are saying about the future of remote work,” April 1, 2021.