Scotch & Soda announces the Opening of its Largest Store Worldwide In The Netherlands, Featuring New Brand Identity

Amsterdam-born lifestyle fashion brand Scotch & Soda reveals today the opening of its largest store worldwide in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch.

The store is housed in a former theatre build in 1919 in the Amsterdamse School style by the architect A.J. Hekker, which became a cinema after World War II, known over the years as the “Luxor Theatre.”

Celebrating the uniqueness of the location, it blends the monument’s colourful history and architecture with modern touches. It will provide a customised shopping experience spread over 3 floors and 510 square metres of selling space, its largest store worldwide, carrying all the brand lifestyle collections, including womenswear, menswear, kidswear, footwear, eyewear, fragrances, as well as the brand’s premium denim line “Amsterdams Blauw.”

Following a new “Free Spirit” store concept, the new location is conceived as a social as well as retail space, featuring a bespoke bar serving complimentary soft drinks, encouraging a communal experience and a dedicated family fitting room where kids will be encouraged to get creative with an art wall and a series of laughing mirrors. For a more personalized experience, a reservations-only lounge with a private dressing room will be available.

The opening of the Den Bosch store follows the recent openings of two Scotch & Soda locations earlier this month, in Utrecht and the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam, together with the launch of its new brand identity with a new logo embracing the symbol of unity at the heart of Scotch & Soda’s name.

Following the recent openings, Scotch & Soda will be opening at least another 12 new brick-and-mortar stores and 12 shop-in-shops worldwide before the end of October, adding to the brand’s existing retail network of 227 stores and 161 shop-in-shops. Key openings in existing markets will include the USA, Germany, France, Israel, Australia, Middle East, Ukraine, Switzerland and Sweden and for the first time Poland in September whilst it is looking to expand its presence in China and Italy with the opening of showrooms in Shanghai and Milan in June.

Celebrating the uniqueness of each location is at the heart of the store concept strategy, blending the original architecture and characteristics of each building with the brand’s own signature design. All facades and interiors will carry the new brand identity and play on muted tones, combined with pop accents of sunshine yellow, rose pink, and burgundy. Bespoke fixtures in aged brass, textured tiles, marble, powder-coated steel and a custom bar, as well as selected vintage furniture and wallpapers designed in-house complete the design concept of the new stores. In addition, all new stores are fitted with LED lights, FSC wood herringbone flooring and new hangers made of recycled materials and selected soft furnishings such as sustainable rugs woven in ECONYL®, made from regenerated nylon.

This acceleration of Scotch & Soda’s global retail network will be combined with the brand’s omnichannel  and unified commerce ambition,  to be completed in 2022, following the opening of a brand new fully sustainable 27,500 square metre warehouse in Hoofddorp next year and the integration of RFID technology in partnership with Nedap for stock level optimization.

 Frederick Lukoff, CEO, commented: “This week’s opening is a pivotal moment in our history despite the obstructive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our current retail performance. We recognize the significant importance to connect with our customers no matter the circumstances, and we remain confident that better days will come. It will remain fundamental to connect with our customers one-on-one in stores, in combination with all the growing digital distribution channels, in order to offer the best possible experience to our customers in the future.”