Euromonitor Webinar on the Future of the Mobility and Automotive Industry

Euromonitor International has launched a new webinar Future of the Mobility and Automotive Industry, looking at what awaits the mobility and automotive industries in the upcoming years. Growing popularity of shared mobility, electric mobility, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and online car sales will be the key trends that will shape the market.

2021 will be a big year for the mobility and automotive industry, after a challenging 2020. In this webinar we discuss key trends impacting the industry, together with opportunities and challenges for companies investing in this area.

We look at the boom in electric vehicle sales and online car buying; consumer demand for connected car technologies and popular shared transport solutions.

Watch now to:

  • Discover which shared mobility solutions are predicted to grow the fastest
  • Learn about the market prospects for electric vehicles
  • Understand how investments in e-commerce can help automotive companies to diversify sales risk

The key points identified by Euromonitor International in the webinar include:

  • Ride-hailing is the most popular shared mobility mode. In 2020 it accounted for 87 % or USD 143 billion in gross bookings.
  • China is the largest market for shared mobility. In 2020, it generated USD 44 billion in gross bookings, more than the US (USD 36.5 billion) and Indonesia (USD 10.7 billion).
  • Nearly 9 in 10 car registrations are set to go electric by 2040.
  • Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is expected to be the fastest-growing electric vehicle category through to 2040. By 2040, 90% of all new electric vehicle registrations will be BEVs.
  • Consumers in emerging markets are more willing to drive autonomous vehicles. According to Euromonitor International Mobility Survey 2020, 31 % of consumers globally want to drive autonomous vehicles.

“The 5 key trends discussed in this webinar represent the rising demand for greater connectivity, sustainability awareness, technological innovation and the sharing economy. It provides listeners with a clearer understanding of the drivers and the key future market trends expected in the mobility and automotive industry. The webinar uses case studies to point out some of the opportunities and challenges the industry presents for businesses, consumers and governments”, comments Fransua Vytautas Razvadauskas, consultant at Euromonitor International.

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