Stop saying Happy Earth Day. Please.


Stop saying Happy Earth Day. Please.

This is a Public Service Announcement by Kathryn Sheridan

Stop saying Happy Earth Day.

It is not a Happy Earth Day. The Earth is not happy. Things have not improved since the last Earth Day.

Unless you can show GIGANTIC, ground-breaking, industry-leading RESULTS then communicating on Earth Day is just jumping on the bandwagon.

Earth Day is a milestone, a time for reflection, to consider our commitments to making change. It’s not a time for celebration.

The Earth is burning. Human life on this planet is no longer going to be possible unless we drastically change the course we are on.

If you want to do something – and if you do that’s great – use Earth Day as a moment in the year when you commit to changing something. Change starts with us.

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Earth Day is an opportunity to appreciate how wonderful this planet is and look for ways to make change.

I wrote a piece last year on some of the small actions we can take – Beware the Earth Day bandwagon.