Groz-Beckert online Seminar on Felting Needles (April 28, 2021)

On April 28, 2021, the Groz-Beckert Academy Mobile has a surprise in store for you: The second online seminar this month will cover a topic from the Felting sector for the first time.

Topic: Felting needles for special challenges and requirements

In this online seminar you will receive an overview of the operating principle of felting needles. Furthermore, you will learn what makes the GEBECON® felting needles so special and how you can benefit from their advantages.

The seminar language is English.

To participate, a prior registration is required. To register, please follow the below link and register free of charge.

Date: Tuesday, 28 Apr 2021, 03.00 p.m. CET (01:00 p.m. UTC/GMT)

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