New “universal” option in Archroma’s SmartRepel®Hydro range of non-PFC based durable water repellent protection

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, introduces the latest addition to its range of highly biodegradable, non -PFC based durable water repellent protection, the Smartrepel® Hydro series.

  • Smartrepel® Hydro AM is the latest addition to Archroma’s distinctive non -PFC based durable water repellent protection range
  • New, advanced ‘universal’ formulation for cotton and synthetic fabrics, ‘boosted’ durability of the effect, and smoother processability in app lication
  • Product introduction at ISPO, January 28-31, 2018, Munich, Germany

Smartrepel® Hydro is a nature-friendlier protection agent based on distinctive micro- encapsulated, highly biodegradable, non-PFC based technology offering exceptional, durable water repellency to polyester, polyamide and cotton -based textiles.

With the increasing demand for more sustainable clothing and gear, Smartrepel ® Hydro water repellent agents extend the benefits of high-performing, nature-friendlier protection to the full spectrum of fibres used in today’s outdoor and sportswear segments.

With Smartrepel® Hydro AM, Archroma offers to brands, retailers and textile manufacturers  a new, ‘universal’ water repellent protection that is applicable on all fibres – cotton and synthetic, and their blends.

Archroma’s micro-encapsulated technology uses a repelling agent and anchoring agent that together create a perfect symbiosis of water protection, breathability and durability.

Smartrepel® Hydro AM comes with a new advanced formulation.

  • The new grade offers the signature Smartrepel® Hydro high performance standard: a perfect symbiosis of water protection, breathability and durability – with the soft hand-feel that is sought after by consumers;
  • The durability of the effect can be ‘boosted’ up with the application of a special

formula, allowing brands and retailers to offer high performance gear to their brand fans;

  • For textile manufacturers, the new formulation shows improved runnability and reduced roller build-up, allowing seamless application in both pad and exhaust application processes.
Smartrepel® Hydro by Archroma, a new generation of non-fluorine chemistry that meets criteria for non-PFC based finishes and clothing.

The range supports the increasing adoption of eco-advanced materials and production processes by brand owners and textile producers adhering to industry initiatives such as the ØZDHC program or eco-label standards such as bluesign® and Oeko-Tex®.

“This advanced version of  our  Smartrepel® technology combines, into one  product only, two benefits that are sought after by outdoor brands and retailers: a nature -friendlier chemistry, together with long-lasting, efficient water repellency for all fibres. Smartrepel ® Hydro AM brings onto the market a positive alternative to conventional fluorocarbon -based water repellency products,” comments Georg Lang, Global Head of Product Marketing Finishing, Textile Specialties, at Archroma.

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