Interview with Alireza Mobini, SHAHKAR DORRIN Carpet Company Kashan CEO – A Fresh Competitor in the Machine-Made Carpet Market

By guest authors of the Editorial Team of Kohan Textile Journal

In recent years, new manufacturing companies have been added to the machine-made carpet market of the Middle East and Africa, and Shahkar Dorrin Company is one of them.

Shahkar Dorrin company, thanks to its young and clever management team, has been able to appear successfully in production both inside and outside the country in the past several years, and it caused them to be in the centre of attention. A team that plans to use interesting strategies to make further progress in this market.

Shahkar Dorrin Carpet Company currently produces 700 and 1200 comb carpets using four carpet weaving machine. One of the 700 comb carpet weaving machines produces exclusively for the foreign market, and all its products are dedicated to the collections of the Gulf countries with unusual sizes.

The managers of this company, who have been engaged in carpet trading for a long time, have decided to develop their work into production, and have also drawn up several plans. You can read the interview of the Kohan Journal with Shahkar Dorrin Carpet Company CEO, Mr Mobini.

Please tell us more about Shahkar Dorrin Group and its history.

Shahkar Dorrin Carpet Group was founded in 2000 with the establishment of a trading group to sell and purchase machine-made carpets, and since 2009 the company has been developed as a machine-made carpet production in the industrial town of Fath al-Mubin in Kashan. The company is currently able to serve all of the customers with a capacity of 4 weaving machines. The company have also been managing its business unit beside the production unit, and today we are one of the leaders in carpet industry.

What are the next 5 year plans of Shahkar Dorrin Group, considering the market situation?

According to the 5-year plan that has been defined for the future of the company, Shahkar Dorrin Group plans to move towards luxury carpets and continue to export carpet in the next 5 years. This is the sixth year that we are among the Iranian textile candidates. Our 5-year map is to have a continuous presence in all exhibitions to show the art and craft of both Iran and especially Kashan.

What is your vision for Shahkar Dorrin Group?

Given the vision I have as the CEO of the company, we can increase the number of our sales representatives in current cities and also entering into other countries markets in the next 5 years. To achieve this goal, we have made a plan in the production unit as well as a design unit to be able to provide collections and colors specific to these regions and countries as soon as possible. In this way, we can increase the export market and continue our success.

What are your plans for participating in international exhibitions such as Domotex for the next few years?

Shahkar Dorrin Company have not participated in the Domotex exhibition yet, but I personally have visited five Domotex exhibitions and all of their sister events in Turkey and China. In 2020, we were planned to register the company for 2020 Domotex Gaziantep exhibition, but it was completely cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.

What are the current products of your collection? Both in terms of reeds and density, and classic and traditional design?

Our company has two 700-reeds and two 1200-reeds carpet weaving machines. One of our 700-reeds machines is used for producing Versace collection to export to the countries around the Persian Gulf. 700-reeds carpet with 2550, 3000 and 1200 density of light pallet and Tabriz pallet with 1600 density of 1600 are among our productions.

Which countries do you export to?

Given that we have not defined any limitations in the production and design unit, we have been able to export to 17 countries yet and we hope to increase this number to 5 more countries during the next year.

Do you have any plan for online sales?

In my opinion, the culture of online carpet sale is not widespread in Iran right now and it takes a lot of time to do online sales in large scale because the customer wants to make sure about the quality of the carpet by touching and observing the material closely. For this reason, there is a long way to go to the large scale of online sales today, but we are one of the leaders in introducing our products via Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. As the manager of this collection, I believe that only introduction of the products in the virtual world can be very good and effective for the sales and production of the company.

Given the economic situation of the society, is your focus more on the foreign market or the domestic market?

We have planned with the sales unit to increase the volume of production for the domestic market. It is wrong to ignore domestic sales because it is one of the best markets for machine-made carpets in Iran. But sanctions caused decreasing the purchasing power of people, which, in God’s willing, it will get better in the coming years. We are more interested in the domestic market because it is valuable and powerful.

Industrial complex, SHAHKAR DORRIN CARPET COMPANY, started its economic activity from 2006 A.M and succeed to establish it in area with 10.000 square meters in SOLEYMAN SABAHI industrial town.

Due to changing the culture of consuming between people and by applying experiences of the elders of this industry and with maximum efforts of manager’s and personnel, the art of hands and the use of finest fibers are mixed with the process of utilizing new and modern technology of weaving looms and caused to produce the best quality of machine-made carpets and to distribute them in domestic and global markets by employing a professional team of carpet designers and applying high cares and attentions on selection of most beautiful designs and an attractive pallet of colouring on the basis of taste of new-fashioned people. And finally, this process causes we gain faithfulness and trust of our respectable customers about our products, so nowadays 36 countries have been considered as an export arena of products of this company.

The executives and managers of SHAHKAR DORRIN CARPET COMPANY are proud to mention: we are not among the first-established companies, but we are the best about quality. The criteria of the company are to support customers from first moment till the end in name of Customer-Orientation. At the end, we hope to be known as a premium exporter of high quality of Persian products to all over the world in the coming future.

Products of this company are as below: *700 reeds carpets in density 3000 picks/meter, in 10 colors *1200 reeds carpets in density 3600 picks/meter, in 8 colors, High-bulked, In two collection of LIGHT and NAEIN And in close future, *1500 Reeds carpets in density 4500 picks/meter, High-bulked

Global sustainability record for functional textiles: By exceeding 25% bio-based material content in all its membranes, Sympatex once again proves its pioneer status together with DSM

After several years of research, more than 25% of the raw materials used in the renowned Sympatex membrane will be converted to renewable raw materials* in the course of this year – without any compromises in performance. One of the launch customers is Mammut.

At the start of ISPO 2021 Sympatex is once again setting new standards for sustainability in functional textiles. Specifically, it has announced that as early as this year, more than 25% of the raw materials required for its membrane will be converted to bio-based sources, originating from various organic waste streams (based on mass balancing*). At the same time, Sympatex will ensure that the membrane not only retains its high performance values in terms of breathability as well as water- and windproofness, but also remains fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

In addition, DSM, Sympatex’s long-standing raw material partner, is in the process of completing its production facilities conversion to renewable electricity sources, as a result of an ongoing drive to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and operations. In this way, DSM is supporting Sympatex, as the first signatory to the UNFCCC Climate Charter for Action for the Textile Industry (now signed by over 100 brands and associations), to reach another milestone on the road to climate neutrality several years earlier than planned.

Sympatex brand partners will benefit from these developments. Specifically, incorporating Sympatex membranes into their collections will help them to fulfill a major climate charter commitment – reducing CO2 emissions by 30 % compared to 2015 – much faster. One of the first brands in whose collection this milestone will be effective is Mammut, which will hit stores with a Sympatex collection in the coming winter season. The plan is to fully complete the conversion for all Sympatex membrane deliveries by the end of 2021 at the latest.

“While our main focus remains on closing the textile loop by using our industries’ own waste streams, we will also embrace every other technically feasible opportunity to minimize our footprint by then,” said Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex Technologies. “Once again, we are seeing that constructive partnerships are moving us forward on the path to consistent sustainability much faster than we might have initially expected – and everyone in the supply chain is benefiting, from raw material partners to brands to end consumers. Above all, such a circular economic system will also help to build a new quality of trust between all partners,” Fox emphasizes.

Maximilian Lenk, Chief Product Officer from Mammut adds: „A great achievement from Sympatex and another proof for the importance of our partnership.”

“Together with our partner Sympatex we are taking the next important step in our sustainability journey, and driving the industry’s transition from conventional to renewable resources. I am very proud that we are introducing more and more bio- and recycled-based alternatives to our existing portfolio. Sympatex and DSM are taking a leadership role by introducing functional textiles made with bio-based Arnitel® materials. Our Arnitel bio-based alternatives will deliver the same functional performance as our conventional portfolio. In this way, we are addressing market needs and contributing to a more sustainable world without making any performance compromises.” says Caroline Mitterlehner, VP Specialties DSM Engineering Materials.

*Mass Balance: in mass balance, renewable feedstock is attributed to selected products, according to their individual formulation taking into account all yields and losses. Only raw materials used as feedstock (but not for energy) for the production should be considered for mass balancing. (Source: Plastics Europe (Mass balance approach to accelerate the use of renewable feedstocks in chemical processes – January 29, 2020)

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