Human Horizons HiPhi X Super SUV Wins IDA Gold Award

Designed and manufactured by industry-leading new mobility and autonomous-driving research company, Human Horizons, the HiPhi X Super SUV has been recognized by the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA) and awarded a gold prize for design. This marks the first time an electric vehicle has been presented with this award and stands as validation of the company’s focus on quality design.

“On the basis of practical innovation, IDA focuses on thinking and cultural heritage, promotes unconventional and conceptual ideas. The organization aims to solve life’s problems through innovative design vocabulary, and endows future life with a new look. This is in sync with Human Horizons approach to aesthetic design, direct access to users and genuine products,” said James Shyr, Founding Partner of Human Horizons and HiPhi Global Design Steering Committee.

Founded in 2007, the International Design Awards are one of the most acclaimed design awards in the United States. Every year, thousands of products are reviewed by a team of judges and scored against a number of criteria including innovation, aesthetics, usability, utility, impact, and more. IDA also advocates sustainable design and seeks to be an authority in the use of design as a means of solving tangible problems that positively impact the environment. Sorted into five disciplines of architectural, interior, graphic, fashion, and product design, gold, silver, and bronze awards are given to outstanding entries.

Nicolas Huet, Vice President of HiPhi Design, noted, “the IDA is praising the work from different faculties coming from all over the world. It is extremely inspiring to witness how much creativity is collected in fields such as architecture, fashion, graphic, product… design. It is an honor and a real satisfaction to belong to highest rank of the awardees.”

HiPhi X is the world’s first production vehicle to adopt Human Horizons’ mass-produced, secure, developer-enabled Human Service-Oriented Architecture (H-SOA) and the first worldwide to be equipped with a 5G-V2X technology network. More than 562 sensors are deployed throughout the vehicle, all of which collect, analyze and respond to massive amounts of data on its occupants, the surrounding environment, and a multitude of vehicle parameters. The SUV also contains 307 electronically controlled actuators that, when used with Human Horizons’ custom-developed middleware, enables a truly connected, smart vehicle experience.

The SUV also contains 307 electronically controlled actuators that, when used with Human Horizons’ custom-developed middleware, enables a truly connected, smart vehicle experience.

In addition, H-SOA’s open source software platform and comprehensive development tools empower partners, third-party developers and users to create new dynamic features and scenarios — providing users with a robust, ever-growing application ecosystem.

Visually impressive with its sleek H-SOA supercharged body and unique wing doors, the HiPhi X is carefully designed inside and out. Through principles of ‘design defined by scenarios’ the vehicle blurs the line between a hi-tech new-age electric car and a premium luxury vehicle. The result is a new category of vehicle, TECHLUXE®. In addition to its stunning design, the interior is fitted with sustainable vegan leather and recycled materials which lower the environmental impact of each vehicle.

In terms of performance, the HiPhi X is equipped with dual 220 kW motors at the front and rear, as well as a large-capacity 97 kW hour battery. It can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds, with a cruising range of 550km, and has a turning circle similar to that of a much smaller car. Bringing together cutting-edge technology, luxury design, and sustainably sourced products, the HiPhi X is gearing up for a breakthrough year in 2021.

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and enhanced by its users. HiPhi X is an EV with a lightweight hybrid aluminum-steel construction and sustainable vegan leathers and recyclable materials which add to the sustainable nature of Human Horizons’ EV products.

Human Horizons is established for R&D in innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies as well as the industrialization of future-oriented smart vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons builds smart transportation technologies and contributes to the development of smart cities, which will redefine human mobility.