Redefining the Role of Manufacturing and Brand Incubation, Gelmart Launches FullStride Ventures

FullStride Ventures is the brand incubator and venture arm of Gelmart International. With over 70+ years of experience and a vertical supply chain, Gelmart is the leading intimates manufacturer in the U.S. and partner to some of the world’s largest retailers. FullStride Ventures incubates its own white space opportunities, as well provides start-ups with investment and turnkey supply chain solutions, product development, and marketing strategies. The company incubated and acted as co-founding investors for the direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand, LIVELY, which launched in early 2016 and sold to Wacoal for over USD 100 million in 2019. 

After recognising the formula for success with LIVELY, FullStride Ventures was created to capitalize on Gelmart’s supply chain and brand building expertise. “We are fascinated about new ideas, white space opportunities, the ever-changing consumer, and passionate founders. We have experienced only one constant, and that is change. With FullStride Ventures, we find opportunities in the advancing marketplace and in consumer behaviour,” says Yossi Nasser. 

FullStride Ventures invests in the next generation of industry disruptors in the intimates and loungewear space. It provides start-ups with funding and an immersive and cohesive ecosystem that utilizes Gelmart’s turnkey supply chain, product development, manufacturing and marketing expertise. The company investment strategy focuses on co-founding lead investors and manufacturing partners at Seed and Series A investment stages.

“We are very excited about our two upcoming launches, as they are brands that speak to today’s consumer needs. Wknd Nation is a new take on comfort, dubbed ‘the lovechild of style and comfort for all of life’s occasions,’ and (Sustainable Brand To Be Named) is the elevation of everyday basics for men and women; an honest brand that balances affordability and environmental sustainability, while delivering great products. When we look at the consumer today, and market trends, we see increased importance of comfort, durability, sustainability, and value, and these brands deliver on these attributes,” says Nasser.

What makes FullStride Ventures different …

  • A vertical supply chain management operation; Gelmart owns and operates factories in China and Philippines
  • Partnerships with the world’s largest retailers make for a seamless move from ideation to global marketplace success
  • Top notch design and product development led by distinguished industry veterans
  • An established startup ecosystem

FullStride Investments

  • LIVELY (founded in 2016), a brand that blurs the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active and swim, a movement called Leisurée , Gelmart was able develop a unique supply chain for LIVELY’s customized needs and prioritize flexibility over speed. Gelmart designed LIVELY’s supply chain to handle short quick runs so they could monitor how consumers were reacting to the product in real time, allowing for reduced excess inventory.
  • WKND NATION (launching February 2021), a direct-to-consumer brand for home, work and social. The brand will create a new category called style wear combining comfort and style. The styles will all be classics with a twist and blur the aesthetics of weekend and weekdays. Wknd Nation is more than a clothing brand, it’s a mindset.

    (Sustainable Basics Brand To Be Named) (launching fall 2021), a label developing elevated, sustainable and affordable basics. This label stands at the intersection of design, environmental responsibility, and affordability.