ISKO Vital™+ Premium community face cover receives the NEN certification in the Netherlands

The responsible face cover brand is the first to be awarded the Dutch standard, recently established by The Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute. The mark of conformity was issued on January 19, when ISKO Vital+ completed the certification process.

ISKO Vital in Beige

Supported by parent company ISKO’s 100-years of experience and know-how in the textile industry, ISKO Vital+’s range of  premium face covers has exceeded the requirements set out by NEN for community face covers. The recently established Dutch standard, NEN-spec 1- 2 requires manufacturers to pass rigorous testing for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathing resistance, fit and ease of use and sustainability. With a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of ≥95% that exceeds the NEN’s minimum requirement of ≥70%, the ISKO Vital+ Premium face cover is apatented 4-fold design made from ISKO Vital™ fabric, a groundbreaking textile solution created by ISKO’s in-house research and development experts. It is fluid repellent and very easy to breathe through thanks to a single layer of organic cotton which is dermatologically tested, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and gentle on the skin, providing a superior level of comfort as assessed by an independent panel.

Available in different sizes and colors, the Premium face covers surpass the minimum NEN requirement for breathing resistance of <70 Pa/cm2 too, with a respiratory resistance lower than 40 Pa/cm2 – making the face covers very comfortable to wear. In addition, they are much more sustainable than disposable masks as they can be reused and hand or machine-washed up to 15 timeswithout loss of quality.

“Current circumstances are   to last in the foreseeable future, so it is extremely important to wear proper community face covers”, explained Edgar van der Linden, ISKO Vital™ Medical Business Lead. “Thanks to the mark of conformity, it is now clear that face cover must have the highest possible filtration efficiency and must also be comfortable, expressed in the lowest possible breathing resistance. Environmental aspects are also addressed. As a supplier of washable face covers made from one innovative layer of organic cotton we consider that very important. A good community face cover offers a combination of high filtration efficiency, comfort, ease of use and minimizes the burden on the environment”.

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ISKO Vital™+ and ISKO™ are part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of SANKO Group.

ISKO Vital™+ is brought to you by ISKO, one of the world’s leading fabric innovators and the world’s leading denim ingredient brand. ISKO Vital+ is the only brand that offers triple protection – high filtration, fluid repellency and antimicrobial efficacy – in a single layer, making it comfortable and breathable without compromising on functionality. The ISKO  Vital+ face cover is available in Supreme and Premium, with the Supreme face cover featuring Sanitized® technology with anti-microbial material protection for enhancing hygiene and odor reducing capabilities. Both the Supreme and Premium face covers are fluidrepellent, reusable and washable, latex free, made with organic cotton and available in three (3) sizes and varying colours. For more information on ISKO Vital+ Premium and Supreme face covers and to purchase your own, visit and follow along on Instagram and Facebook at @iskovital.

ISKO is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of the SANKO Group. As the premiumdenim ingredient brand behind people’s most favorite jeans, it has a strong global presencein 35 countries with 60 international locations. By virtue of its Responsible Innovation™ approach, founded on creativity, competence and citizenship, ISKO works to make the world a better place bringing awareness to environmental as well as social aspects. As a result of its R-TWO™ program made with certified reused and recycled fibers, the company’s denim offer is pushing sustainable materials and innovating.

Committed to an approach of continuous improvement, ISKO relies on external stakeholder engagement, striving for third-party certifications and partnerships. This has led to many achievements, including: bluesign® Partnership, STeP by OEKO-TEX®, Textile Exchange, SAC, ZDHC, and EU Ecolabel.

The ISKO world is a full-power denim force from the ground up, it includes R&D, Creative Room, Iskoteca, ISKO Creative Room Services, Visionary Minds, Marketing and the CSR Sustainability Teams– all working to create a complete network of excellence, creativity and innovation.

The company’s advanced expertise on woven technologies has extended to the world of sportswear and performance. This has led to the development of two top ISKO™ innovations– ISKO Vital™ and Arquas™ and – which have changed the game by introducing the benefits of woven fabrics, i.e. durability and recovery power, into the activewear segment. As a result, they have become the go-to solutions to a wide spectrum of needs, from high-performance to lifestyle brands that cater also for sportswear.

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