Twelve Lucky Animals Debut at Changsha IFS: A French Artist’s First Exhibition in Central China

As the Chinese New Year begins, the beauty and vitality of life will reach a new peak in the upcoming spring. To usher in the springtime, when people grow closer to nature and all things thrive, Changsha IFS invited Agathe Singer, a renowned French artist, to debut the first exhibition in central China. This exhibition, with the theme “Blooms of Blessings” features twelve animal designs that represent different blessings, sharing their well wishes and joy across a dreamy artistic space, as part of the Changsha IFS’ efforts to create the best must-visit place in spring 2021 with a burst of blessings in Changsha.

An immersive experience of a burst of blessings in Changsha

Inspired by the auspicious springtime, Changsha IFS and Agathe Singer ingeniously blend reality and fantasy by using colors and impassioned painting techniques to pour youthful vigor and infinite energy into this fantastic installation and exhibition.

“Blooms of Blessings” First Exhibition in Central China

Getting close to nature enables people to feel its green and healthy energy. With her colorful, detailed brushwork and bold, simple shapes that portray animals and plants, Agathe Singer expects her works to reveal the charm of nature to visitors in their journeys towards discovery and blessings, sending out her well wishes of hope and happiness to visitors. Located at the atrium of LG2 at Changsha IFS, the installation comprises of twelve lucky animals carrying the best wishes and reveals a magic forest with well-designed trees, birds and flowers. This forest consists of four sections with theme of Romance, Blessings, Wealth and Health. This journey of discovering blessings for 2021 will, by creating an immersive experience for the five senses, take citizens into a vibrant, colorful universe where lucky animals hidden within the spring forest celebrate the coming Chinese New Year. In the forest, visitors will be greeted by new year songs of praise sung by an ensemble of flowers and the unique, pleasant scents of flora, with dynamic flowers that trigger a year’s good luck. Visitors may also enjoy H5 interactive game to receive new year surprise lucky packs that bring luck and well wishes for a happy, auspicious new year.

French Artist, Agathe Singer

Though people are unable to freely travel to other countries for now, they may experience the spring air of France at the L7 Gallery, Changsha IFS. The Garden of Wonders from the western coast of France displays more works by Agathe Singer. A variety of plants and romantic flowery mirrors communicate the strong vitality of mother nature. The combination of multimedia artistic immersive exhibition experience not only enables visitors to dive deep into the artist’s works, but also awakens their most intimate nostalgia for nature. Entering the mirror space, visitors enjoy a 360-degree experience of the blossoming, falling and vanishing of flowers, as if standing in a sea of flowers. In addition, wandering to the interactive digital panel outside L7, fashionistas who love collecting gifts may scan the QR code to engage in the “Jungle of Blessings” H5 interactive game to obtain exclusive lucky cards that will provide new year gifts, bringing good luck for the rest of the new year.

Changsha IFS offers an integrated experience designed for the five senses that blends French art with Chinese tradition to celebrate the new year, conveying the power of warmth, harmony, and love of nature to every citizen who visits Changsha IFS.

Various new year events to create a blessed place in central China

As a must-visit place at the beginning of the Chinese New Year that sends its best wishes for the future, Changsha IFS is more than just an exhibition and new year celebration. On 30 January, the Chinese New Year Bazaar at the Changsha IFS that full of surprises will open.  Good luck and great fortune are expected with popular brands to join in, together with weekend music performance in marketplace. Moreover, Changsha IFS will present consumers with many custom-made surprise gifts, bringing joy in the discovery of blessings in new year shopping on an ongoing basis.

By staging a succession of diverse new year events, Changsha IFS celebrates the Spring Festival together with Changsha citizens and paints a Chinese New Year scene that blends best wishes and artistic fantasies, to usher in 2021, a year of rebirth and hope. Moving forward, Changsha IFS, as a flagship commercial retailing complex in central China, will continuously provide Changsha citizens with more high-quality shopping experiences. A better 2021 is the shared expectation of Changsha IFS and citizens.

Agathe Singer is an illustrator based in Paris, France. Using watercolor and gouache to paint native and non-naturalist flora, fauna and characters full of color and life, Agathe creates vivid depictions that are with irrepressible vitality, flair, and style. Her work has graced everywhere from the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week with her illustrations incorporated in the designs of Arthur Arbesser to packaging for French perfumer, Fragonard.

Changsha IFS, featuring an enormous 246000-square-metre mall and the tallest building in Hunan Province, boasts the city’s most coveted location at the intersection of Huangxing Road and Jiefang Road. As a one-stop destination from entertainment to lifestyle, retail, culture and dining, the retail-led Changsha IFS has promptly emerged as the new landmark in central China housing over 370 brands, including top luxury labels, jewellery & watches, fast fashions, 100 debuts for Hunan and 30 split-gender duplex flagships of international brands. Changsha IFS is injecting new impetus in the central China region as it emerges as the community hub for the city, bringing a vast array of exhibitions, cultural activities, festivals, and art collaborations with famous artists such as KAWS, Steven Harrington and Tom Claassen.