The prospect of textile testing equipment in the textile industry

The textile industry is rapidly growing around the globe. There is a huge variety of fabrics available in the market that if often becomes hard to select that which one will be the best. This is the reason textile industries have to get some help from the textile testing equipment. It is important to assure that all the raw material and fabric meet the German standards, otherwise the products will be rejected in the future.

Textile testing process

In the testing process, the products and systems are evaluated that are used in the industry. It is assured that the components of the products and the systems are satisfactory according to the requirements. In case they do not meet the standards, the products are sent back for further improvement so they can be evaluated once again.

Textile testing is like executing a system that will help to identify all the errors, gaps and missing demands in comparison with the actual products. In this way, the quality of work has been improved within the textile industry.

You should know that the textile testing is not an easy job. There are several equipment and products that have to be bought to assure that the work will be done properly. It is a very expensive business.

It all starts with setting up the laboratory for the testing that has to be furnished with a wide range of testing equipment. The biggest necessity of the lab is the trained operatives that know how to work with all the devices and generate accurate reports for all the products. Now the employees will not only provide you the results of their hard work you will have to pay them salaries. All these costs are non-productive, and they will add up to the final price of the item. This is the reason that all the products that have been tested are usually expensive as compared to other items that we buy.

This is the reason that after testing it is assured that the delivered product will be perfect. In the textile production, there are several points where testing takes place so that the products can be improved before they reach their final phase. The sub-standard products and merchandise will never make to the end of the cycle. In case you are wondering that why testing takes place, here we have some of the interesting reasons.

Reasons for Textile Testing

  • For testing the quality and longevity of raw material
  • Textile testing is done for monitoring the production
  • To assess the final product
  • Investigation of any faulty material in the products
  • For research and development of different products.

In order to assure that you will get the best results from our services, we have been using the best textile testing equipment. Here is the list of few testers that we use to assure that the products meet the German textile standards.

Martindale abrasion tester


Martindale abrasion tester is the perfect device that can be used to identify the abrasion resistance in the upper, socking, lining and all other types of shoes that are manufactured with the same material. It is mostly used for the shoes that are manufactured with fabric.

Once the specimen reaches the lab they are tested four at a time because it helps to generate the best results. It begins with rubbing the product with abrasive in a repetitive and complex manner. The holders keep rotating over the product at the same time.

The specimen is then subjected to the rubbing motion to measure the abrasion resistance. There are various means to evaluate the resistance and the most common ones are used the visual aids and comparing it with actual samples.









The Crockmeter is available in two versions. One id simple and the other comes with the manual clocks that help to set the timer according to the time required to test the product. It helps to measure the extent to which the item has been discoloured, in the dyed textile it is a very common problem that industries often have to deal with. The dyed leather is the main product in which the issue happens. The products are tested using the abrasion method.

It all starts with a coat of abrasive hammer on the product and the wet or dry with cloth is then driven over the area of the specimen that has been abrading. It is clamped to the testing table fir and it only takes 10 seconds to evaluate and examine the quality and grade of firmness of colour and dying.








UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester


UL expects this quality to fill in as a preparatory sign of a plastics consistency for use as a component of a gadget or apparatus as for its quality. It isn’t planned to mirror the risks of a material under real fire conditions.

The 94HB test depicts the Horizontal Burn technique. Strategies like 94VTM and 94V are utilized for Vertical Burn, there is a stronger test than 94HB. A 94-5v test is for fenced in areas for items that are not effortlessly moved or are joined to a channel framework. The 94HBF is utilized for non-structural froth materials like the acoustical foaming. Brilliant board test is ASTM test to decide the spreading of fire on a material that might be presented to flame.

Bottom line

We have been providing to firms the best testing services. Our operators have been trained with the top skills and they will generate the accurate reports to assure that you can remove all the faulty elements from your products. It is our surety that when you will launch your products in the market there is no chance that they will ever get rejected. Our mission is to assure that you deliver the best quality to your customers. In case you have any doubts or want to know more about our services we have the highly responsive customer support team. You can get connected with our professionals any time.