Worth Reading – WIPO PROOF now available in 10 Languages

In the latest release, WIPO’s newest digital business service for safeguarding intellectual assets, WIPO PROOF, is now available in ten languages. Innovators and creators from all over the world can use the service in the 6 official UN languages plus German, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. Since its launch, WIPO PROOF has registered customers from 119 countries. 

In a world increasingly characterized by cross-border collaboration, the availability of WIPO PROOF in so many languages is a boon. Economic activity is now predominantly digital – services like WIPO PROOF facilitate business transactions across national and regional boundaries. The use of intellectual assets to drive economic growth will intensify the need for WIPO PROOF to support innovators and creators in the event of international disputes related to such assets. WIPO PROOF’s multi-lingual capabilities mitigate risks associated to international disputes because documentary evidence, designed for dispute settlement, is available in the languages of many of the world’s largest jurisdictions.

Customers can acquire printable WIPO PROOF premium certificates, in any of the available 10 languages, and use these in arbitration, mediation, or court cases where submission of evidence must be done in the local language.

The WIPO PROOF premium certificate is a formal document signed by a WIPO official that contains the information necessary to prove the existence and possession of an intellectual asset at a precise point in time.

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WIPO PROOF is an easy-to-use online service that helps innovators and creators safeguard intellectual assets by rapidly generating tamper-proof evidence that a digital file existed at a specific point in time, and that it has not been altered since that time. WIPO PROOF complements WIPO’s existing intellectual property (IP) services with this new tool to strategically manage all your files, data and other intellectual assets.

Whether you are an artist, a composer, a designer, a scientist or business executive, your work produces numerous important files and data that contain valuable information essential to your future success. Your files may contain creative works, research results, data sets for training AI algorithms, or even business records. They should all be treated as intellectual assets and safeguarded from misuse or theft.

In just a few clicks, WIPO PROOF helps you safeguard digital files of any size, in any format, whether they are numeric, image, executable, text or audio-visual. Safeguarding your files at every stage of their development from concept to commercialization, gives you the peace of mind that you have securely documented your work, whether or not it eventually becomes protected by a formal IP right.