McKinsey’s Week in Charts

I’ll take the healthy food, with a side of values and purpose

Grocery shoppers’ preference for healthy food has been on the rise through the pandemic. But they’re also increasingly seeking brands with strong purpose and good values.

To read the article, see “How European shoppers will buy groceries in the next normal,” December 2, 2020.

Fashion industry’s profits hemmed in by the COVID-19 pandemic

The fashion industry’s economic profit rose year-on-year by 4 percent in 2019. Our calculations suggest that it will fall by 93 percent this year, according to our latest State of Fashion report, written in partnership with the Business of Fashion.

To read the report, see “The State of Fashion 2021: In search of promise in perilous times,” December 1, 2020.

American students of color are falling behind during the pandemic

Students in the US fell behind their historical scores on formative assessments during the 2019–20 school year. The learning loss was especially acute in schools that predominantly serve students of color, and it was greater in each subsequent grade.

To read the article, see “COVID-19 and learning loss—disparities grow and students need help,” December 8, 2020.

Europe’s power sector could be the first on the continent to decarbonise

Technologies for wind- and solar-power generation are already available at scale today in Europe, so the EU power sector could reach net-zero emissions in the next 25 years. And the demand for clean power could double as other sectors switch to renewable power sources.

To read the article, see “How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost,” December 3, 2020.

Around the world, there’s a big disconnect around employee skill building

When we surveyed 1,200 businesspeople around the globe, 45 percent told us they don’t have a clear plan for developing capabilities they had designated as high priority.

To read the survey, see “Rethink capabilities to emerge stronger from COVID-19,” November 23, 2020.