Functional Clothing Conference brings AIRBUS expert to India

The Functional Textiles and Clothing Conference is scheduled for February 9 – 12, 2018 at IIT Dehlhi, News Delhi, India

Last two decades have seen immense developments in the field of medical, military, sports and workwear, which have opened up new areas leading to market diversification for textile and clothing sector. Research and development in these areas is now at par with other high-tech industrial sectors. Interestingly a lot of these innovations are now finding applications in casual and fashion clothing thus integrating the fields of technology, design and fashion.

Textiles with fully integrated electronics for applications in medical and sports sector, composites and membranes, nonwovens, new weaving techniques, innovative textiles with multiple functionalities, surface functionalization and coating technologies and nanotechnology are the focus areas in textiles. CAD CAM technologies including those for 3D and 4D body measurement, 3D pattern design, fit testing and mass customization, clothing comfort, clothing for special groups and innovative fashion design are driving the developments in clothing sector. Textile education and training needs to keep pace with developments in the field. Sustainability and eco friendliness are important considerations for all sectors of the textile and clothing supply chain. In emerging economies, thrust is on innovation, product development, entrepreneurship and modernisation of traditional textile technologies and crafts.

FTC proposes to be a biannual international event that will provide an interdisciplinary platform for leading academic scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and market stakeholders to have in-depth exchanges on the recent scientific developments, cutting edge technologies, innovations, trends, concerns, challenges and opportunities in the field of Functional and Smart textiles and Clothing.

India, as the second largest producer and 4th largest exporter of textile and apparel goods in the world, identified technical textiles as a thrust area nearly a decade back. With its domestic apparel market showing signs of maturing and a healthy annual growth rate, India is looking forward to making a place for herself in the sector of functional textiles and clothing.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, the host institute, is a premier Institute, ranked as the number one technical institute in India. The Department of Textile Technology at IITD is the leader in textile Education and Research in India. This conference is being held in partnership with World University of Design, Haryana and PSG Tech. Coimbatore.

Jean-François Geneste, Vice President & Chief Scientist from Airbus Group, France will be giving the Plenary Lecture on “Diverse Potential Disruptive Applications of Textiles for Aerospace Applications” at FTC 2018.

Online registration can be made by clicking at the link below.