Analysis of Swiss Exports 2019 – Each second Swiss Franc came via Air Traffic

The dominance of the air freight and road traffic remain in view to exports, but also of imports since 2012 unchanged. The air traffic settles over 50 % and road traffic is responsible for 45 % of the export values in 2019. Disregarding gold the relationship is just the opposite. However, air freight showed an increase by almost 40 % between 2012 to 2019, more dynamic than the road traffic (+16 %). High price goods were preferably transported by air.

Exports in 2019 showed that air traffic was responsible for over half of the total trade value, followed by road traffic with 45 %. These two means of transportation showed between 2012 and 2019 an average growth of 0.8 respectively 1.6 % per annum (total average +0.9 %). Road traffic and in view to weights has taken over the majority part (2019 75 %) and since 2012 with an average of +2.5 % annually. A 10th of the voluminal was transported by train and only 4 % by air.

With the exclusion of gold the statistic is changing: The road traffic covered (with out gold) in 2019 54 % in terms of value as compared to 41 % by air. But the importance of air transportation  remains important and showed a more dynamic  development from 2012 and 2019 of almost 40 %, whereas the road traffic increased only by 16 %.  As to the weight the average share of the transportation means remained identical.

Share of Swiss Foreign Trade according to mean of transportation:

The imports by air increased by almost 70 % from 2012 -2019

2019 three fifth of the goods were imported by road traffic, in view to their value by 57 % and to weight the figure is 61 %. The transportation by air represented of the value and air traffic’s share increased 18 %. Despite the relatively low share it is noteworthy that air traffic jumped by 68 %, whereas road traffic added only 18 %.

Precious goods are transported preferably by air

The preferred mean of transportation was differing on average of the goods. On the export side in 2019 it was near CHF 200 mark, the average value for road traffic was CHF 9.00 and CHF 3.00 for train traffic. Without gold the average value for air transport was markedly superior to the values by road or rail.

The same was true for imports: In 2019 the average value by air transport was CHF 1230.00, by road CHF 5.00 and CHF 3 by rail. Excluding gold the average for goods transported by air dropped to CHF 490.00, still 10 times higher than by road transport und over 300 times higher than rail.

Sea transport is not an item that forms part of these details on Swiss Trade, but we would like to add an oversight by Sea transportation from the European Space Agency.

Caption courtesy by ESA