Electronic Skin Patches 2020-2030

The most comprehensive assessment on the commercialization of flexible, wearable, smart skin patches

By James Hayward from ID TechEx

This report characterizes the markets, technologies and players in electronic skin patches. With coverage across 28 application areas and over 120 companies, historic market data from 2010-2019 and market forecasts from 2020 to 2030, it is the most comprehensive study compiled for this emerging product area. It reveals significant opportunity, with nearly $10bn in revenue made from electronic skin patches in 2019, and a forecast for this to grow to nearly $40bn by 2030.

Skin patches are wearable products attached to the skin. The electronic element involves the integration of electronic functionality such as sensors, actuators, processors and communication, allowing the devices to become connected and “smart”. In many ways, skin patches act as the ultimate wearable electronic devices, augmenting the wearer with minimal encumbrance and maximum comfort. As such, interest in electronic skin patches soared as a by-product of the significant hype and market growth around “wearables” starting in 2014.

However, several product types within the sector transcend this hype. Several skin patch product areas, particularly in diabetes management and cardiovascular monitoring, have superseded incumbent options in established markets to create billions of dollars of new revenue each year for the companies at the forefront of this wave. However, success is not ubiquitous; each market discussed within this report sits within a unique ecosystem, with different players, drivers, limitations and history to build on.

As such, the report looks at each of the application areas for electronic skin patches in turn, discussing the relevant technology, product types, competitive landscape, industry players, pricing, historic revenue, and market forecasts. The areas covered include diabetes management, cardiac devices, medical patient monitoring (both inpatient and outpatient), motion sensing, temperature sensing, drug and cosmetic delivery patches, smart bandages for wound care and more. For the established markets within the sector, the report contains historic revenue data by company back to 2010. The report also contains detailed market forecasting over 10 years for each of the key application areas.

The product category of “electronic skin patches” conceals a significant amount of diversity. Whilst many people may imagine skin patches to be thin, highly conformable devices that sit close to the skin, the reality is that many of the most successful products today are still relatively bulky devices. As such, the report also contains a discussion of technology areas relevant to the future development of smart patches, particularly around areas such as flexible, stretchable and conformal electronic components. Development of these technologies will not only enable more products to be deployed as skin patches, but will also improve the form factor of electronic skin patches that already exist.

The research behind the report has been compiled over several years by IDTechEx analysts. It follows existing coverage of areas such as wearable technology, flexible electronics, stretchable and conformal electronics, electronic textiles, advanced wound care, bioelectronics and more. The methodology involved a mixture of primary and secondary research, with a key focus on speaking to executives and scientists from companies developing commercial electronic skin patches. As such, the report compiles case studies of over 120 companies and projects, each updated over time and compared within their appropriate product ecosystems.

Unique position and experience behind the report

IDTechEx is afforded a particularly unique position in covering this topic. The experienced analyst team builds on decades of experience covering emerging technology markets, and particularly areas such as flexible electronics which are central to electronic skin patches. This has been historically supported by IDTechEx’s parallel activities in organising the leading industry conferences and exhibitions covering flexible and wearable electronics, as well as smaller events covering specific innovation trends such as for healthcare sensors or related areas. IDTechEx has the unique ability to curate a network in these topic areas, facilitating the reporting in this report.

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