McKinsey’s charts of the week

With proper reforms, India’s manufacturers could add USD 320 billion to GDP over just seven years

With the proper reforms, the ten industries shown below—plus renewable energy—could compete well in international markets, spur domestic consumption, and provide long-term employment for millions. As a result, they’d add USD 320 billion more in gross value than they do now, helping India realize its manufacturing promise.

To read the article, see “A new growth formula for manufacturing in India,” October 30, 2020.

Can you hear me now? Onshore oil industry needs to get better connected

Advanced-connectivity technologies could help oil producers optimize drilling and production throughput, improve maintenance and field operations, and reduce costs. But older onshore wells—and many light tight oil fields, too—are poorly connected.

To read the article, see How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance,” November 6, 2020.

Holiday shoppers still love Black Friday, but they are swiping right on other suitors

Global consumers are looking for deals beyond Black Friday, including those on Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday. In China, Singles Day is the most popular shopping day.

To read the report, see2020 Holiday Season: Navigating shopper behaviors in the pandemic,” November 5, 2020.

COVID-19 has made South Africans much more comfortable with online banking

Forty-five percent of South Africans said they’d visit physical bank branches less often, while 42 percent said they’d increase online and mobile interactions with their banks.

To read the article, see “Beyond COVID-19: Charting the road to recovery for South African insurers,” November 2, 2020.

Many airlines should have already been rethinking their ‘hub’ models before the pandemic

Except for some international routes that had a stable or growing number of connecting flights, the global trend was toward nonstop, direct flight.

To read the article, see “Will airline hubs recover from COVID-19?,” November 5, 2020.

The vast majority of European small businesses view the economy as weak

Overall, 80 % of small and medium-size businesses surveyed in Europe view the economy as somewhat to extremely weak. But sentiment varies among countries, with the most optimistic businesses in Germany and the least optimistic in Italy and Spain.

To read the article, see “COVID-19 and European small and medium-size enterprises: How they are weathering the storm,” October 22, 2020.