Coyunchi launched Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket

A sustainable home brand based in San Francisco, Coyunchi, has launched its Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket and Throw. The blanket aesthetically matched all other blankets in the company’s collection but unlike the other blankets, it is made from 52 % recycled cotton that the company has reclaimed from customers and 42 % organic cotton.

In the industry, cotton is a water-intensive crop that requires pesticides and intensive care. The fabric needs to be treated with harmful dyes before it’s turned into a product. Coyunchi was established in 1991 and has been looking at alternative ways to reduce its footprint. The company uses only organic cotton that is free from from instance, and toxic dyeing techniques.

To promote greener practices, converting already existing materials into new products should be opted rather than creating new materials from scratch. The company has spent years turning this concept into reality and their newly launched blankets are the first fruit of this labor. The blanket saves up to 3,366 days’ worth of water, 22 miles of driving emissions, and 147 square feet of pesticides, compared to a traditional cotton blanket.

To design this blanket the company has joined hands with the Renewal Workshop (TRW) a leading recycling fabric company. Coyuchi has been asking customers to send back pieces that they were no longer using and intern to receive a 15 % discount on their next purchase. The returned pieces were then examined thoroughly and inspected by TRW. They were further sanitized using carbon dioxide to extract any impurities, then repaired, if necessary.  85 % of the proceeding looked new and were ready to be resold.

Margot Lyons, Coyuchi’s production and sustainability manager, stated that one of the key pillars of circularity was to keep products in use for as long as possible. Lyons stated that it takes a lot of resources to produce a single product so they want it to stay in circulation till it cannot be used any longer.

15 % of the products received by the company cannot be resold due to their condition. These articles are chopped up and then re-spun into new yarns and combined with brand new recycled cotton yarns, to create the final blanket. The company has opted to keep the blanket in its natural color from the recycling process without relying on redying toxins. The blanket has a unique speckled look, with flecks of grey and cream, this reflects the color of the original materials that have been recycled.

Lyons stated that the heathered aesthetic fit nicely with other articles in their collection. The company is committed to its recycling practices due to its commitment to carefully use organic, non-toxic materials. The company believes that responsible manufacturing always pays off. They assure the consumers that the blanket has been responsibly sourced just like all their other products.