Worth Visiting

Swiss textile manufacturers present Vision Fall Winter 2021-22 in the Lounge of the Textile Museum St. Gallen

In the framework of VISION Fall Winter 2021-22 Swiss textile manufacturers present selected fabrics and products in the lounge of the Textile Museum St. Gallen up to April 18, 2021.

In the lounge of the Textile Museum St. Gallen one can witness a selection up to April 18, 2021 of fabrics from the actual fall winter collection of Swiss textile manufacturers, including a haptic experience.

Natural colours such as brown and green are announcing the fall time. Glittering combinations of fabric in gold and silver are delivering the ambiance of the winter season. In the framework of VISION, Swiss textile manufacturers are presenting their innovations in the sectors of Lingerie, home textiles and female and male clothing. The designs are reaching from embroidery techniques to a multitude of refined fabrics and the use of recycled materials.