Archroma at ISPO Brand new 2018 with nature-inspired ingredients to enhance active wear & gear

  • Archroma’s biomass-based EarthColors selected as ISPO Textrends, Eco Era category and for the ISPO Conference program
  • Smartrepel® Hydro distinctive non-PFC based durable water repellent and brand new, patented Sanitized® Odoractiv for odor-control function, also to be displayed at Archroma booth
  • Archroma to partner with ISPO Academy Masterclass with its Color Atlas colour library system

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, is keeping nature top-of-mind for its ISPO debut with a showcase of advanced innovations and solutions to enhance active and sportswear at Hall B4, Booth 430-BN05.

For all of us, inner beauty matters just as much as outer beauty. Consumers aspire to have clothing and gear that are functional, beautiful and meaningful – textiles that are made in a more sustainable and responsible way.

Under the motto “The ingredients to enhance your gear, it’s our nature”, Archroma invites visitors to discover actual solutions to achieve this aspiration across all its core areas. The company’s purpose is to bring color and performance while minimizing environmental impact at all stages in a product’s life cycle.

Expert ingredients for outdoor, urban and active wear

Archroma strongly believes, based on its extensive experience in textile processing, that sustainability can generate innovation, performance and can even lead to cost reductions for customers.

Innovation is a core competence of Archroma, who will be at the ISPO Brandnew Village to showcase how its products and services can help visitors meet future market demands, foster future technologies and contribute to a more sustainable textile industry:

  • Colour effects – with solutions ranging from high-fast dyes Foron® S-WF, Nylosan® S, Printofix® TF, Drimaren® HF, and the new-in-range Foron® S luminous dyes, to EarthColors nature inspired biomass-waste based dyes, supported by Archroma’s Color Atlas to boost your creativity;
  • Thermo-control and protection solutions to help make your gear more resistant to extreme weather conditions from heatwaves to rain pours: coldblack®, HyDry, Smartrepel® Hydro, Appretan® S and Sanitized®;
  • Care effects solutions to bring softness and comfort to your gear whilst looking good at all times, Siligen®, Solusoft, Ceralube® and Arkofix®.
  • Archroma will also demonstrate to ISPO visitors how its ONE WAY Process Simulator allows brands, retailers and textile manufacturers to take sustainability to a whole new level. The new, online software can be used to mimic and compare products and processes, and thus calculate the ecological and economical profile of the final end-product.

Archroma will display its solutions at the booth with 4 experiential spotlight areas:

Spotlights on EarthColors

EarthColors is a range of products created from agricultural and herbal waste and embracing the latest in communication technology to enable transparency and traceability through the supply chain to consumers – from nature to fashion.

Archroma’s EarthColors have been selected for the ISPO Textrends Forum for Fall/Winter 2019/20, Eco Era category, by an independent jury of textile experts. The ISPO Textrends Eco Era features innovations with a strong sustainability element.

See EarthColors at the ISPO Textrends Forum (Hall C3), and for the ISPO Conference program (30-31.01.2018, Hall C4).

Spotlight on Smartrepel®Hydro

Smartrepel® Hydro is a nature-friendlier protection agent based on distinctive micro-encapsulated, non-PFC based technology offering exceptional, durable water repellency to polyester, polyamide, and cotton-based textiles.

At the show, Archroma will introduce its brand new Smartrepel® Hydro AM, a “universal” addition to the range allowing seamless application on all fibres with the same high level of performance as the rest of the Smartrepel® technology.

Spotlight on Sanitized®Odoractiv

Archroma will introduce for the first time to ISPO visitors a new active-odour-control technology for polyester textiles, Sanitized® Odoractiv, to prevent the formation of odours and in particular the persistent smell (permastink) heavily criticized by consumers. This technology has been awarded the Swiss Technology Award.

Spotlight on the Colour Atlas by ARCHROMA®

The Colour Atlas by Archroma® is a physical and online colour library system comprising over 4300 colour references.

Archroma is sponsoring the ISPO Academy Masterclass, which will gather about 30 young designers selected from the best design schools and universities around the world to participate in an exclusive training program. Participants will utilize the Color Atlas by Archroma® to prepare their work and presentations at ISPO.

The public presentation of the ISPO Academy Masterclass using the Colour Atlas by Archroma® will take place on January 29, 2018 @17:00.

Easy-to-use Outdoor Solution Navigator touchscreens will also be available at the booth to encourage visitors to explore their ideas and uncover new ways to enhance their gear sustainably.

Archroma Outdoor Solution Navigator

“Archroma helps active and sportswear brands and producers bring ideas to life and develop collections with a soul. We are 100 % committed to a more sustainable textile industry and this will be evident through the innovations and solutions we’ll present on our ISPO debut. We are really looking forward to being a part of the discussions, and helping visitors to unlock their creativity with new possibilities for enhancing their gear,” comments Nuria Estape, Head of Marketing & Promotion for Archroma’s Brand & Performance Textile Specialties business.

For more information, follow Archroma on social media and meet the team at Hall B4, Booth 430- BN05, ISPO Munich, 2018 from January 28 – 31.