OECD – The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a 50 % plunge in global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the first half of 2020 compared to the second half of 2019, the lowest half-year level since 2013

Key findings include that:

  • Global FDI fell by 50 % in the first half of 2020 compared to the second half of 2019, to USD 364 billion, the lowest half-year level since 2013. FDI dropped by 41 % in Q1 and by 39 % in Q2 on a quarter-to-quarter basis.
  • Inflows to the OECD area dropped by 74 %, largely driven by lower flows to the United States and by disinvestments from Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Outflows from the OECD area decreased by 43 %.
  • FDI inflows to non-OECD G20 countries decreased by 30 % and FDI outflows decreased by 60 %, largely driven by disinvestments from Brazil.
  • OECD area equity capital inflows dropped by 68 %, driven primarily by equity divestments in Switzerland and the Netherlands and partly by investors becoming more reluctant to explore new investment opportunities in the face of the pandemic. Large negative levels of intracompany debt flows accentuated the drop in total FDI.
  • Completed cross-border M&A deals dropped by 11 % in advanced economies and remained depressed in Q3. Announced greenfield projects in emerging markets and developing economies dropped by 46 %, driven primarily by the manufacturing sector.

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More FDI statistics and analysis are available at www.oecd.org/investment/statistics.htm.