COS launch sustainable cashmere collection in collaboration with Aid by Trade

COS has announced its partnership with Aid by Trade Foundation to launch a collection certified by The Good Cashmere Standard.

The Good Cashmere Standard certification ensures sustainable-certified cashmere from the farms where goats are not prone to abuse and are treated responsibly. The certification signifies that no harm is caused to the environment or any social, ecological, and economic living conditions of farmers and their families.

The popularity of cashmere has led to overgrasing concerns that may lead to desertification. The Good Cashmere Standard has enabled the production of cashmere is 100 % traceable.

COS alongside the Good Cashmere Standard garments are launching pieces designed utilising recycled cashmere from its own production process. The offcuts from previously produced garments with high-quality yarns are re-spun with virgin threads to create a new yarn. This is then further utilised to design new products. In order to maintain a close loop system, the company has to adopt this method of repurposing cashmere from the brand’s existing production and supply chain to promote maximize circularity and minimise waste.

Francesca Lilley, the Head of Sustainability at COS, stated they were excited about the new launch of their traceable cashmere collection. She stated that at COS they believed it was crucial to take responsibility for their full value chain and its impact. She concluded by saying that they were pleased to share their repurposed cashmere with their customers as it showed the company’s respect for valuable resources.

Tina Stridde, Managing Director of the Aid by Trade Foundation, commented that they were delighted to have COS on board to create sustainable cashmere garments using their newly created ‘The Good Cashmere Standard’. She assured that the partnership will only portray their commitment to environmental and social responsibilities.