Out now: Strellson Limited Edition FW 2020/21: S.C. Durability Jacket

From now on Swiss Strellson presents a limited-edition key piece, of which only 50 have been produced: The “S.C. Durability Jacket” is made from almost 100% up- and recycled original Swiss Army stock materials. It was designed and manufactured in the brand’s headquarters in Kreuzlingen. In the future, with a view to becoming more sustainable, there will be an increased focus on local sourcing as well as up- and recycling. This will gradually be expanded to the entire collection.

Strellson S.C. Durability Jacket Fall/Winter 2020, caption courtesy by Strellson

The shirt jacket boasts utility features such as a removable gilet, outdoor functions and military details and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The outer material is made from water-repellent, recycled Swiss Army tent canvas, while the integrated gilet is made from coated, upcycled nylon material. The inner lining of the jacket and the gilet is made from recycled camouflage netting. Special features such as a facemask, knife pocket and inner belt have been upcycled. A further highlight: Every jacket comes with a personal message to the customer.

Veronika Fiebiger, Design Team Leader at Strellson: “The S.C. Durability jacket is a modern yet timeless companion for every season. It is 100 % made in Switzerland – something that we, as a Swiss brand, are particularly proud of.”

From now on, the field jackets are available in the Flagship Store in Zurich, Dusseldorf and Constance, both Germany, as well as in the Strellson online shop and Zalando. The majority of the proceeds will be donated to «Protect Our Winters Switzerland» – a nonprofit organisation that stands up for comprehensive climate protection. 

You can find further information here: https://strellson.com/s.c.durability-jacket

According to inhouse information, the durability jacket (50 limited items) is already sold out, but a small batch will be added shortly.

Strellson was founded in 1984 by fashion entrepreneurs and former Hugo Boss owners Uwe and Jochen Holy. They rebranded the coat manufacturer Friedrich Straehl & Co. AG that they had acquired in 1984. In 1985 the first collection including suits, sports jackets and trousers was released.