Ruten Japan launches Single Day flash Sale everyday as low as 60 % off with promotion code

The Singles’ shopping festival is here, and Ruten Japan will launch the “Singles’ Day Flash Sale” event! In addition, during the event, limited members not only get free shipping over $50, but also $5 off by using promotion code at checkout. Event will begin from October 26th to November 11th for all 13 countries and regions* around the world. A new set of promotionial codes will be announced everyday at 11:00 GMT+9.

Ruten Japan’s CEO Yun Su said that the Single’s day shopping festival is considered a large-scale e-commerce festival in Asia. Many e-commerce platforms will hold various large-scale promotional activities on double eleven day to attract consumers’ attention and stimulate purchases on their platform. This year, Ruten Japan “Singles’ Day Flash Sale” will announce the promotional code of the day. Lucky contestants can immediately redeem the promotional code at checkout.

Other than the promotion code, the bestseller items on Ruten website and in Japan will be cheaper than the lowest market price during the Double 11 Day sales. Within the consecutive 17 days, the items of day will be presented in flash sale mode in order to get the best deal for Ruten’s customers. Ruten Japan’s customers get to enjoy the full and borderless shopping experience during this annual Double 11 Day sales.

The “Singles’ Day Flash Sale” includes items such as 3C appliances, Japanese Omiyage, toys & games, health products, cosmetics, fashion, household appliances, snacks, and etc. Minimum 60% off pop-up flash sale everyday starting today. Many best-selling products have also joined the ranks of the “Singles’ Day Flash Sale” shopping event. Specially recommended products  for this selection includes: Japan’s hot-selling Tokyo Campanella gift box at USD 37.67, Perfect Grade Unleash RX-7-8-2 Gundam Collectibles item at USD 3751, Wakamoto health care product at USD 23.07, and etc.

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*Remarks: Ruten Japan ships to these destinations: Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and Korea.