Bangladesh raw cotton production to 2 million bales by 2041

At a recent webinar, Cotton Development Board (CDB), an autonomous body and responsible for the cotton industry of Bangladesh, announced plans to enhance the production of raw cotton to 20 lakh bales by 2041 from the current annual production of 1.71 lakh bales.

CPB plans to achieve this target by improving cotton production acreage up to two lakh hectares which is now only 44000 hectares and raising per hectare production up to 10 bales instead of 6.15 bales, annually imports some 71 lakh bales cotton from abroad at a cost of over Taka 30,000 crore.

The webinar was attended by dignitaries like Kai Hughes, Executive Director, International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC); Robert D Simpson, FAO Representative, Bangladesh; SM Bakhtiar, Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Al Sayeed Negom, Professor, Cotton Research Institute in Egypt and Keshob Kanti, Head-Information, ICAC.

The CDB, which was first formed by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on December 14 in 1972, is working to enhance cotton cultivation on agro-forest land, saline, char and hilly areas across the country.