On October 7, 2020, share your World Cotton Day event with the global cotton community

To celebrate World Cotton Day 2020, the global cotton community is encouraged to share cotton-related events and activities  by informing, educating and engaging the public through Social Media campaigns using #worldcottonday.

Identify and engage with local and national actors of the cotton Value Chain to inform, educate and engage the public on the economic and social importance of cotton.

Suggestions for celebrating World Cotton Day 2020 locally include: 

•             Organizing lectures, panels and roundtables

•             Launching a photo contest

•             Showcasing products, achievement social responsibility activities, and innovation in the cotton production and value chain

•             Organising field visits

•             Promoting recognition events among cotton stakeholders

•             Attracting media attention by participating in talk shows, panel discussions, media news briefings and radio / TV call-in shows.

These suggestions must be considered according to the legal constraints and sanitary restrictions of each location according to the laws, regulations and situation; as determined by the local authorities.

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