Coresight Webinars (September 22 – 24, 2020)

The Roll of Workforce (Management) Automation Amid the New Retail Environment with Quinyx
Tuesday          11:00am EDT  (Tuesday September 22)     Register Here

With the pandemic drastically reshaping the workforce across all industries, businesses have been forced to rethink how they support and interact with their biggest asset, their employees. In this webinar, Quinyx’s Chief Risk Officer Andreas Sjölund will speak with Coresight Research’s Steven Winnick on the role of workforce (management) automation amid the new retail environment.

The discussion will include: (1) How to reimagine the retail experience, (2) Accounting for WFH roles, and (3) Automation while optimizing the workforce

The Resilient Supply Chain: Adapting for an Automated & Digitised World with Infor
Wednesday          11:00am EDT  (Wednesday September 23)     Register Here

Heidi Benko (VP of Solution Strategy for Infor Supply Chain Management) and Deborah Weinswig (CEO of Coresight Research) will discuss the importance of a resilient supply chain, and the necessary early planning for Holiday 2020

The discussion will include: (1) The need for end-to-end supply chain visibility, (2) The importance of planning for today, with an eye towards tomorrow, and (3) The digitization of the supply chain and implementation of solution to drive success.

Measuring the Value of Data Sharing Retail Analytics with SPS Commerce
Thursday          10:00am EDT  (Thursday September 24)     Register Here

Retailers have wealth of data, but not enough time to dig into all the details and find new opportunities. A recent Coresight report explored the value of sharing data. (Link to free report here)

The report leveraged a March 2020 Coresight survey of 210 global vendors and retailers. The findings show that there are tangible benefits for both retailers and vendors in sharing, from sales growth to inventory management to customer experience. Retailers noted more than 4% revenue growth (a USD 200B opportunity on USD 4.9 trillion in sales), which is why retailers called an “educated vendor” their best partner.