McKinsey’s week in Charts

Socioeconomic vulnerability increases the risk of dying from COVID-19

People who have severe housing problems—or who are unemployed, incarcerated, or impoverished—are more vulnerable to contracting the novel coronavirus than the general population. They’re also more likely to have underlying health conditions that could make a case of COVID-19 more severe.

To read the report, see “US Hispanic and Latino lives and livelihoods in the recovery from COVID-19,” September 2, 2020.

Asian companies underrepresented among top creators of economic profit

When we analysed the relative performance of all Global 5000 companies in generating economic profit, we found that financial companies in Asia outperform those in the rest of the world. But Asian companies underperform in several industries, and the continent has a higher concentration of companies that destroy economic value.

To read the discussion paper, see “The future of Asia: Decoding the value and performance of corporate Asia,” June 3, 2020.

Shoring up existing secondary business units is a winning M&A strategy

Our analysis of more than 1000 of the world’s prominent public companies between 2007 and 2017 showed that those that focused their M&A on secondary industry segments where they were already playing returned more to shareholders than those who focused M&A closer or further away from their core business.

To read the article, see “Why you’ve got to put your portfolio on the move,” July 22, 2020.

Consumers who switched brands during the pandemic most often cited price and value

Shoppers also rewarded brands or retailers that supported their employees and those that repurposed their facilities to help slow the spread of the virus.

To download the full report, see “Retail Reimagined: The new era for customer experience,” August 2020 (registration required).