Enhanced Sealing Integrity and Puncture Resistance

Flexible film structures with advanced polyolefins plastomers help improve food and water security in Southeast Asia.

The FAO (2015) estimates a 30 % of food loss in the midst of supply chain process, where amongst other things, the food has to undergo the rigors of transportation and handling from farm to table. Further, deeper and earlier saltwater intrusion as well as more frequent droughts two highly damaging effects of climate change on life and economy in coastal regions throughout Southeast Asia. As a result, many farmers and people in remote areas are in need of solutions to help them secure their freshwater access and crop supplies (IFRC, 2020).

SABIC, a world leader in petrochemicals, has separately worked with two Vietnamese packaging manufacturers in the development of durable fresh fruit and water packaging solutions, using SABIC® COHERE™ polyolefin plastomers solutions in innovative multi-layer packaging film structures, to help mitigate the issues.

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