Legal IA Forum

On the October 20 – 21, 2020 we are thrilled to be bringing you our digital installment of the Legal IA Forum. During this time, the world has turned to digital as a means of continuing to function effectively – as this transformation for the legal sector is critical to continue.

Digital transformation in law is underway, but undoubtedly has a long road ahead, and this forum will be delivering critical insights on how to take your organisation from strength-to-strength with the latest automation, cognitive, robotics and data analytics capabilities. 

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Topics include:

    – Creating a Digital Roadmap: Legal Transformation Strategies

    – Case Study from White & Case: “LIFT (Local Innovation, Firmwide Transformation)” on the Global-local approach to Technology & Innovation

    – Adopting Mindset, Culture and Business Process Changes in Legal Sector

    – Deploying and Scaling RPA Capabilities: Transform Producitivity & Cost-Optimisation

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