UL508A panel shop – consulting and contract manufacturing for the North

UL508A panel shop – consulting and contract manufacturing for the North

Designing and building customized industrial control panels for US or Canadian customers can be very confusing once all the national regulations such as OSHA, NEC, NFPA79, CSA22.2, and UL508A are taken into consideration. American Truetzschler’s panel shop is a UL508A certified panel shop and backed up by an experienced team of electrical engineers. They will advise, engineer, build, and support companies based on their control cabinet and certification needs (UL/cUL).

For small and medium-sized European machine builders, the ever-changing regulations and formalities in the US and Canadian market make it difficult to comply with all current control standards and needed certifications. A reliable and flexible domestic partner for those aspects allows it to focus on the marketing and successful introduction of the product within North America. At the same time, the US-built and UL508A certified control panel can be an important selling point.

More than 40 years of experience in the field of machine and line controls in the US

Truetzschler, founded in 1888, is headquartered in Germany. In 1969, American Truetzschler (ATR) was the first subsidiary to be opened. Since the early 80’s, American Truetzschler has designed, engineered and built electrical control panels for machines and lines, used in the fiber preparation business. Based on the knowledge gained over the years, ATR expanded its controls services to various other sectors, including optical glass fibre and cooling & refrigerating applications. Later the panel shop became UL508A listed (certified) in order to document the quality and satisfy increasing demand. American Truetzschler is extremely proud of their achievements, their long-time staff members, as well as their long-standing relationships with customers.

The company measures its success based on returning customers

Bilingual communication and cultural competence

Misunderstandings and language barriers are the reason for more than 90 % of all problems at a later stage. The translation and explanation of regulations, the clarification of details in regards to a specific project, and the simple understanding of the expectations of a North American customer are examples where American Truetzschler’s bilingualism and cultural background will help to save valuable time, and money, on both sides of the Atlantic!

Custom designs, extensive inventory and enhanced quality

Due to their own production and service of controls and electrical cabinets for the entire range of Truetzschler products in North America, American Truetzschler has resources in electrical design and engineering at their disposal. In addition, the company stocks electrical controls components of all major manufactures on a large scale.

As a result, ATR can offer and execute serial production, as well as build custom and tailored projects. uring production, all processes and internal structures are documented by the practical and sustainable quality management system ISO 9001-2015. In combination with the continuing education of the employees, and the listing of the panel shop in UL’s panel shop program UL508A, Truetzschler can comply with all required subject-specific regulations and meet the highest quality standards.

Partial solutions or full range supplier

American Truetzschler will seamlessly integrate into the customers’ production flow and meet requirements by offering partial solutions, e.g. building “UL” control cabinets with provided components only; complete package including design and engineering of customized panels; or anywhere in between.

ATR is able to offer project support, installation support, start-up support, and 24/7 service availability for machine and line controls.


–             NFPA-79 Capability and NEC (NFPA-70) compliance

–             UL 508a, cUL508a sticker

–             ISO 9001-2015 documentation, testing and checkout

–             Engineering support or review of schematics and components

–             Schematics

–             Built to your specs or our proposal

–             Custom enclosures

–             FAT with end customer inhouse

–             SAT testing and support  

–             Custom wire & component labels and tags

–             Installation and start-up support

–             24/7 service

The Truetzschler Group is a German textile machinery manufacturer headquartered in Moenchengladbach, Germany. The family business is divided into the business units Spinning, Nonwovens, Man-Made Fibers and Card Clothing. Machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, the nonwovens and man-made fibre industry are produced in eight locations worldwide. In addition to four factories in Germany, Trützschler has production sites in China (Shanghai), India (Ahmedabad), USA (Charlotte) and Brazil (Curitiba) as well as a development location in Switzerland (Winterthur). The company has a worldwide service network with service companies and centres in all important textile processing markets.