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 Up to USD 4.6 trillion in industrial trade flows could be rebalanced across geographies

The shifts might be driven by a variety of economic factors (capital intensity, an educated workforce, product complexity, and trade-weighted distance) and noneconomic factors (state interventions intended to further national security, national competitiveness, and self-sufficiency).

To read the article, see “Reimagining industrial supply chains,” August 11, 2020.

Advanced industries hurting more than others on several fronts

Most striking has been the significant negative effect on business outcomes for companies in advanced industries—a group that includes automotive, aerospace, advanced electronics, and machinery players.

To read the article, see “Organising for speed in advanced industries,” August 20, 2020.

It pays to be a technology leader in the semiconductor industry

Of the 254 semiconductor companies for which there were data available, five made more combined average annual profit than the remaining 249 did.

To read the article, see “Semiconductor design and manufacturing: Achieving leading-edge capabilities,” August 20, 2020.