Sisters convert marine plastic to swimwear

A sustainable swimwear company has been launched by Michelle and Angela called SeaMorgens. This is a sustainable swimwear company where the garments are made from marine plastic waste.

The two sisters have a passion for saving the planet and have launched a range of sustainable swimwear made out of marine plastic waste.

The collection comprises open inspired one-piece swimsuits and bikinis which have been designed by Michelle and Angela Morgan. Their eco-friendly designs have been created out of plastic bottles, fishing nets and even old bits of carpet.

Both the sisters grew up with the love of exploring the seashore and have become interested in different areas of conservation.

Michelle has spent over ten years in Australasia and Southeast Asia working in the scuba diving industry and has witnessed first hand the effects that single-use plastics and climate change have on the underwater world.

Anhela who is currently based in Lincolnshire has always been committed to the world of land based conservation as she is a hard core animal lover. She has stopped eating meat years ago and has devoted her life to live plastic-free.

Both their experiences have led to the launch of the SeaMorgens swimwear company.

SeaMorgens are passionate about conserving the marine environment after seeing first-hand the devastation plastic has caused, which is why we decided to create our unique, sustainable, recycled plastic swimwear. All of our eco-friendly swimwear is made from a material which is produced using recycled plastic bottles and abandoned ocean fishing nets. Our fun, beautiful, unique prints are inspired by the ocean and are hand drawn by our designer who has taken inspiration from her personal experiences and passion for our marine world. Created for active ocean lovers, all of our swimwear has been put to the test in a range of activities to ensure a comfortable, secure fit without compromising on style.

We really hope you love what we have created.