Swiss external trade on recovery trend in July 2020

Swiss external trade has continued to improve its course in both directions. Whereas exports seasonally adjustred increased 1.1 % to CHF 17.7 billion, imports added 2,5 % to CHF 15.1 billion, but both results were lower than in July 2019 (exports CHF – 2,1 billion and imports CHF -1.9 billion. The trade balance clsoed with an excess of CHF 2.6 billion.

Some details

Exports of Machines, Electronic and Metals showed the third increase in row. Textiles, Clothing and Footwearreached in July 2020 in exports a total of CHF 395, that is CHF -7 million  and against July 2019 a minus of 1.7 %.

Imports of textiles, clothing and footwear reaches in July CHF 725 million amounted in July to CHF 1041 million, or CHF – 54 million against June and in total -5.0 %.

Seasonally adjusted values for textiles, clothing and footwear exports reached a total of C HF 725 million, or plus 7 million against June 2020 and as against July 2019 – 1.7 %.

These are the latest results of the Swiss Customs Authority.