Just oppened – the worldwide largest Marc Cain Store

With a surface of 336 m2 Marc Cain is presenting in collaboration with the Munich fashion house LODENFREY the worldwide largest Marc Cain Store. The franchise store opened on August 6, 2020 at the exclusive shopping mall “Fünf Höfe” (five courts) in Munich, Bavaria, Germany with the promise to offer a unique shopping experience.

With the opening of the store the German premium label sends a positive signal to the market in difficult times. The store is operated by LODENFREY in inviting and attractive surroundings of the Fünf Hofen in the middle of Munich city. The new home for the label offeres a luxurious shopping experience including a high density of restaurants and yearly around 7.5 million visitors.

Jetzt eröffnet – der weltweit größte Marc Cain Store. Weiterer Text über ots und http://www.presseportal.de/nr/104492 / Die Verwendung dieses Bildes ist für redaktionelle Zwecke honorarfrei. Veröffentlichung bitte unter Quellenangabe: “obs/Marc Cain GmbH”

Visitors habe the possibility to sink into the noble Marc Cain world: the modern store concept splits the 245 m2 sales room into four monochrome pastel colour worlds. Exycatcher form the light channel frame in perspective arrangement and with LED Boxes backlit stair landings putting figurines into the limelight.

“We are very proud to realise such an impressive project jointly with LONDENFREY and to set a positive milestone for the future. The exclusive location allows a extraordinary shopping experience and the especially developed store concept perfectly stages the collection”, explains Herlmujt Schlotterer head of the management, founder and owner.

“We are very excited to open the worldwide largest Marc Cain Store in the heart of Munich. Particularly under these circumstances to procede with such an investment on the basis of a long standing and trustful partnership between LODENFREY AND Marc Cain to master the joint future”, declares Markus Höhn, executive partner of LODENFREY.

As an international fashion enterprise, Marc Cain has stores in 59 countries and in total there are 172 stores, 283 Shop-in-Stores, 320 Depot customers, 12 outlets and 811 upscale specialty stores.