AATCC to release 2018 Technical Manual

AATCC to release 2018 Technical Manual

The newest volume of the AATCC Technical Manual will be available beginning January 1, 2018. Each year, the manual includes new test methods, as well as revisions and updates of existing methods and evaluation procedures for textiles.

There are two new methods in the AATCC’s 2018 Technical Manual:

  • Test Method (TM) 207-2017, Seam Twist in Garments before and after Home Laundering
  • Test Method (TM) 208-2017, Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure Test Using a Restraint

There are 18 revised standards appearing for the first time in the 2018 volume, as follows:

  • TM20A-2017 Fibrr Analysis: Quantitative
  • TM22-2017 Water Repellency: Spray Test
  • TM30-2017 Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials: Mildew and Rot Resistance of Textile Materials
  • TM42-2017 Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Test
  • TM66-2017 Wrinkle Recovery of Woven Fabrics: Recovery Angle
  • TM89-2017 Mercerization in Cotton
  • TM127-2017 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressures Test
  • TM128-2017 Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics: Appearance Method
  • TM154-2017 Thermal Fixation Properties of Disperse Dyes
  • TM159-2017 Transfer of Acid and Pre-metallized Acid Dyes on Nylon
  • TM169-2017 Weather Resistance of Textiles: Xenon Lamp Exposure
  • TM179-2017 Skew Change in Fabrics after Home Laundering
  • TM182-2017 Relative Colour Strength of Dyes in Solution
  • TM189-2017 Fluorine Content of Carpet Fibers
  • TM200-2017 Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method Difference of Textiles
  • EP9-2017 Visual Assessment of Colour Difference of Textiles
  • M1-2017 AATCC Standard Reference Detergents and Laundry Detergents in General
  • M4-2017     Overview of Liquid Fabric Softeners Used in Home Laundering

AATCC is known worldwide for its test methods and evaluation procedures, particularly those related to chemistry, colourfastness, laundering, moisture management, and water resistance. Each document is reviewed and approved by a committee of industry experts before publication. All are welcome to participate in the committees. Varied perspectives are valued, and every submitted comment is considered in the development or revision of a method. AATCC believes this consensus approach creates the best, most robust test methods to serve a diverse modern textile industry.

As always, the 2018 volume of the AATCC Technical Manual contains all 150+ current AATCC test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs. The hard-bound black and gold book is a staple reference in many textile laboratories. The PDF version offers the added convenience of a search function and hyperlinks among cross-referenced methods. The newest version of either is critical for meeting current testing requirements and specifications.

The hard-bound 2018 Technical Manual and searchable PDF version will be available January 1, 2018.

Hard-bound Technical Manual: Item # 03018A

Searchable PDF (USB): Item # 03018B

About AATCC: AATCC is the world’s leading not-for-profit association serving textile professionals since 1921. AATCC, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, provides test method development, quality control materials, and professional networking for members in about 50 countries throughout the world.