High costs of end-to-end solutions – How to achieve individual solutions without great effort

Textile machine manufacturers are under constant innovation and cost pressure. Despite these huge challenges, many still consider themselves today as providers of complete solutions.

As a result of individual customer requests, non-standardized products and additional components are created. These not only generate additional costs, they also disrupt the production process and tie up unnecessary capacity, which should be better used for the core competencies. Only with a tightly standardized product range can the production costs be reduced.

Exactly there lies the chance of a partnership for small and medium-sized companies with profound knowledge of the industry. They can provide valuable services so that weaving machine manufacturers can offer special solutions without unnecessarily blocking resources.



Warp Beam for Knitting Machines



Warp Beam Stand, Delivery Unit, Special Weaving Machine with Warp Beam in High Position, Batch Winder















Swiss CREALET is a supplier of warp feed solutions for wide and narrow weaving machines as well as warp knitting machines. From development and fabrication to commissioning we can contribute to your success.