Women in Green and their innovations

In March 2020, WIPO GREEN launched its new interview series Women in Green. In these articles we ask female innovators and green entrepreneurs about their inventions, the development of their business, and their experiences in the eco-friendly technology and innovation field.

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Women in Green series:

Fantastic Plastic

As marine and land life suffer from the consequences of plastic pollution, green innovators such as Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, winner of the First National Invention Award of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), develop eco-friendly alternatives to the omnipresent plastic material.

Passion and Innovation for Eco-Mobility

WIPO GREEN interviewed Bernice Dapaah, a multi-award winning entrepreneur and innovator in the field of smart mobility systems. Her medium-sized company, Ghana Bamboo Bikes, creates bicycles from a locally available material – bamboo – and encourages the shift toward eco-mobility and integrated transport in Africa and beyond.

Using Technology for Public Action Against Pollution

WIPO GREEN interviewed Mónica Abarca, a young entrepreneur and innovator whose start-up company qAIRa focuses on addressing air pollution and is revolutionising access to air quality information in Peru.