Soxies with integrated gel pad

On November 27, 2017, the launch and sale of the new comfort socks SoXies took place. Thanks to embedded gel pads supporting the foot vault in order not to allow pains in the foot. The gel pad optimally adjusts the formation of the foot vault as well as also the foot bed of the shoe.

Contrary to many orthopedic correction and support devices designed to support and treat deformed feet, we have designed SoXies to promote the health of your foot.

This means support, relaxation and well-being for the healthy foot.

SoXies provide your feet with the possibility of regeneration after a long „working day“ and permanent stress. Similar to a foot massage, your feet are exposed to a slight varying pressure resulting from the movement of your feet to our TPR pads.

Our detailed design, which is designed according to nature, gives your metatarsal cushioning and stability.

According to the anatomical shaping, our SoXies support with any natural step.

Feet, joints and back are spared.

SoXies support your health and promote your well-being.

SioXies can be used for sporting activities, much movement and long standing.

They serve as protection against excessive stress. They give a pleasant feeling in the shoe, they absorb shock waves. They allow a soft padding, and there are antimicrobial and washable.

Soxies are made of 10 % nylon, 80 % cotton and 10 % Spandex. The pad is made of TPR gel.

A video can be had here:

“Therefore the user has a perfect and agreeable structural feeling” explains Andreas Müller, the inventor of the patented SoXies.  The socks are also made for athletes, as well as for people being in professions where they have to stand or walk a lot and therefore their feet are extremely charged. SoXie relief not only the foot. Also shocks will be absorbed by the gel pad which additionally preserve joints and the back. “Similarly as applied with a feet massage the feet are under a light and varying pressure resulting from the movement of the feet on the gel pads“adds Müller.

Successful tests with flight attendants

„Tests with flight attendants on long hole flights have shown that the users were for the first time ever without foot ailments. Thanks SoXies feet are getting slower tired” adds Müller. The unique effect of these new type of socks is the fact that contrary to shoe inserts SoXioes are supporting and relaxing the foot after one takes off shoes.

SoXies can be ordered online:

They offer a high comfort because of they consist to 80 % of cotton and each 10 % of Nylon and Spandex. In contrast to shoe inserts they are very hygienic, and they can be washed at max. 40 ° C.

SoXies are available in white, black, grey, and brown.