Italian brands launch digital showrooms to connect with consumers

Some of the most well known Italian innovative brands are creating new digital showrooms that allow them to connect with their customers, and capitalise on never-before-seen circumstances. Liu Jo, an Italian clothing company founded in 1995, has launched its ‘digital first’ sales campaign for the 2021 line. The digital showroom will see the brand present its Liu Jo Dream On virtual show, broadcast on a dedicated website and following the format of a news program, with accompanying musical refrains and voiceover commentaries.

The platform will also host digital displays and stories where it will be possible to discover collections with the support of Liu Jo’s sales team in tailor-made consultancy sessions. Italian clothing maker, Diesel has launched Hyperloom, a digital tool which allows shoppers to explore its virtual showroom that is modelled on its flagship store in Milan. Shoppers can interact with clothing items online; products are rendered in 360-degree displays and are presented following the particular style and identity of the Diesel brand. The realistic visuals of products are accompanied by product descriptions as well.

The option for consumers to view a product close-up and in a dedicated virtual space with video-led fittings of each style collectively aims to replicate the touch and feel experience that consumers would get when shopping in real life. To help shoppers in the later stages of the customer journey, a live Diesel vendor will be connected with potential buyers and assist shoppers in the purchase process. By enlisting digital initiatives such as the digital showroom, the company aims to drastically reduce its carbon footprint.