The next big thing In Digital Inkjet Textile Printing

An interview with Mr. Reto Simmen, CBO of Mouvent, by Guest author Ivy Chen from TPF Digital Printing (April 19-21, 2018 in Shanghai, China), organised by UBM

On November 27, 2017 Mouvent had its first public appearance in China, as well as its first global trade show in textile demonstrating the TX801 – an 8 colour multi-pass digital textile printer producing the highest print quality on textiles with up to 2000 DPI optical resolution, associated with high printing speeds

After the press conference, TPF (Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair) was pleased to interview Reto Simmen, CBO Chief Branding Officer of Mouvent.

TPF: What’s popular in European digital textile printing industry recently?

Reto Simmen: There is a strong tendency to shorter runs because of fashion industry having not only two seasons or four, they really have multiple seasons. Almost every month a new fashion trend is coming out so they have to follow and react quickly. But I think this is true for Europe as well as China. In general in Europe there’s only little textile industry remaining. There is quite a bit in Italy still around in the Como area. There are also high level brands in France focusing on high level fashion products. Due to the trend mentioned above, the industry is in strong need of more flexible printing technology such as digital inkjet printers.

TPF: When did you notice Chinese market? What did you prepare before entering Chinese market?

Reto: As we started to look into textile, we did market research and found out China has one of the biggest market potential, aside India, Italy and Turkey. Considering competitive environment, we position our printer mid-to-high end, which enables crisp, colourful, very high printing quality in a cost-effective way. Textile market is the next market that is going digital. We have started to set up a network within textile industry. We have a partnership with a RIP supplier which knows well about the textile market. We have established a strong relationship with Paul Yuan in China and experts in other countries.

TPF: Is there a story behind the brand name, Mouvent? What’s Mouvent’s vision?

Reto: Founded in June 2017, as the digital printing competence centre of BOBST, Mouvent is aiming to develop intelligent digital printing technology enabling digital printing on any substrate. There is no particular story behind the brand name.

TPF: What do you think of digital textile printing market in China?

Reto: In China, what’s happening now has happened in Europe in the past. So you have production moving into cheap countries. So the Chinese printer manufactures have to think how to maintain their business so they have to come up with new ideas and they have to be fast because everything is looking for digital printing system, which can support them moving their business to next level. There are some strong local brands establishing now in China. The trends are also going to be faster so the printers really have to keep step.

TPF: Why do you choose Samba print head for TX801?

Reto: The thing of Inkjet printer is always the head. The head provides the highest level of print quality. It is also able to lay down enough ink to enable us to print 80% of the jobs in single pass mode. Also it’s an industrial head. We have looked at different print heads and finally have found the most suitable one for our products. We will be able to use the same technology for the different markets.

TPF: And would you like to share some suggestions on choosing inks?

Reto: The complete inkjet print system has to work together with ink, which makes a package. We have our own ink development centre in Switzerland. We evaluate different inks, test and certify. We provide our printers with Mouvent certified inks. The type of ink to choose really depends on what customer wants to produce and what fabrics he is printing on.

TPF: What’s Mouvent’s next move to expand business?

Reto: In textile, we are going to introduce a double speed machine with 16 heads integrated in 2nd half 2018, which will double the output. In 2019, we will introduce a single-pass machine. I’m convinced China is a good market

Reto Simmen is a high-profile figure in the industry with nearly 30 years’ experience in printing, most recently as General Manager of Swiss-based inkjet developer Graph-Tech. At Graph-Tech he oversaw a double digit average growth in turnover during his tenure, while doubling the number of employees within the period.

Simmen will report to Mouvent CEO Simon Rothen, and will be responsible for marketing, sales and service within the company. He will oversee the marketing and global sales channels to ensure coordinated and consistent messaging and rollout of Mouvent’s innovative portfolio of products. He will establish a service organisation that will provide best-in-class support to the company’s customers from the outset.

“We are delighted to welcome Reto to the Mouvent Management team,” said Simon Rothen, CEO of Mouvent. “We have assembled some of the leading figures in the industry at Mouvent and Reto is no exception. At Mouvent we are on a journey to change the face of digital printing, and with the combination of innovative technology and personnel that we have, I firmly believe we will do just that.”

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the Mouvent team and to be part of a unique journey that has the potential to completely revolutionize the industry, said Reto Simmen. “I look forward to helping the company to achieve its full potential.”

A testimony to the spirit and the power of innovation: Swiss Mouvent is the digital printing competence centre of the Swiss Bobst Group – dedicated to exploring, creating and delivering the future of digital printing. Our pioneering printing technology enables digital printing on any substrate. Machines for label and textile printing are available today. And we have more machines in the pipeline. We use 3D printers to produce our machines: additive manufacturing enables the highly integrated, lightweight and compact design of our machines. And our customers love the result: Swiss quality – at very competitive total cost of ownership.

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